Brittany Daniel Returns to 'The Game' After Cancer Treatment

The actress discusses her return to the CW-BET show after a private battle with cancer.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brittany Daniel Returns to 'The Game' After Cancer Treatment
? Actress Brittany Daniel is back on the B.E.T. Hit "The game" after a two-year hiatus. Now the star is revealing why she took the time away from the show. She was facing a life-threatening diagnosis of cancer. She joins us today in her first television interview to talk about her illness and how she overcame it. Would you please welcome an overcomer here to "Good morning America"? Yes. Thank you. Brittany, I've been looking forward to seeing you. First of all, how are you doing? I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm in remission for the last two years. I'm totally healthy and I'm doing really good. Thank you. It was stage 4 non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Yes. Stage 4 and I have survived it and I'm so blessed beyond befo belief. It's amazing. You have decided no you to step forward. How did you first realize that something wasn't quite right with you? You know, I think that's a huge thing to learn is that you got to listen to your body. I just knew something wasn't right. I was having pain in my low back but everybody has low back pain. But I just -- I sensed something was wrong but it kept persisting. I also started getting flu-like symptoms. I had swollen lymph nodes and so I got a series of testing, scans, mris, things like that and the doctors ended up finding that I had stage 4 lymphoma. And no history of it in your family. It's not a genetic thing so, yeah, it was a surprise. Finding out in your mid-0s that you have cancer. But my family just rallied behind me and totally supported me. I could not have gotten through this without them. There is no way. You have a twin sister many of us know from the movie you were in and you live with her and your mother came and helped as well. I moved in with my twin sister just outside of L.A. Ah. Yes, my mom moved out from Florida and for a year and a half my mom and my sister nursed me back to health. My brother flew out from Florida and helped out a lot too and we just got through it together. And I didn't talk about it for a couple of years. It's a personal journey if you want to discuss it or not so why did you decide now that you wanted to let people know? I just felt for personal reasons I felt like, you know, this is something that, you know, I went through a lot of depression after even when I found out that I was cancer-free I think some people don't know that but you can go through depression after going through cancer because of all the medication, it affects your hormones, I went think a lot of sadness so went through many stages and pulled through that and for me I think I'm in the final stages of this emotional healing and I feel like now I need to talk about this. I feel like I need to reach out. I need strength from all sources and I want to be able to share my story for myself and I really want to be able to help other people. I would watch shows like this when I was going through this. And I want anybody watching to know that it is absolutely possible to get through something like this so for me I feel deep in my soul that I want to be able to reach out to people and go, it's possible. I was bald, I was 30 pounds lighter than this and it is possible to get through something like this and I hope that if I can speak about it I can give somebody else hope so I want to speak out about it. It's part of your healing process. Still a part of your recovery. I just want to hug you when you're -- I mean, I'm just so happy. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so grateful you wanted to share this. Thank you. And there is somebody that's watching. You know, Amy and I she's walking the journey and we were talking about how people think you'll be euphoric when you get to the other side of it. Yes. And it's -- it's till difficult. It's a journey. I'm still going through it but I mean honestly it was the hardest thing I have ever been through but there has been beautiful things that have come out of it too. You've learned so much more about yourself. Oh, my gosh. Absolutely. And your character Kelly, she's back. Yes. Kelly is back. She went on a world travel for a couple of years and is back on the show. Yes, I am back and I'm so grateful to B.E.T. Because I mean I thought I was gone literally. I thought I was gone. Brittany was gong, Kelly was gone and so grateful to be back on the show and stirring up some trouble unintentionally stirring up trouble but stepping on toes and I'm back and it's a pretty exciting season and so blessed to be back on the show. Thank you. You are a blessing and you are back. Thank you. All back. Thank you. Brittany, all the about he to you going forward. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actress discusses her return to the CW-BET show after a private battle with cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23173753","title":"Brittany Daniel Returns to 'The Game' After Cancer Treatment","url":"/GMA/video/brittany-daniel-returns-game-cancer-treatment-23173753"}