Brown Family Attorney: 'Nobody's Ever Held Accountable'

Benjamin Crump discusses the reaction to the grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.
3:14 | 11/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brown Family Attorney: 'Nobody's Ever Held Accountable'
All right, George, thank you. Joined now from Ferguson by Benjamin crump, the lead attorney for the brown family. Thank you for spending time with us. We saw the reaction that Michael brown's mother had after learning of the grand jury's decision. You were the one who delivered the news to her shortly before it became public. Can you share any more details with us? Yes, ma'am. We had just prayed, robin. Then took the phone call, the attorney called me. And she really had faith that the system would work for her child. So she was just completely devastated. She was overwhelmed with emotion and heartbroken that the system did not work equally for her child. Mr. Crump, after the grand jury's decision, officer Wilson's defense team said in part law enforcement personnel must frequently make split-second and difficult decisions. Officer Wilson followed his training and follow theed the law. What is your reaction to that statement? Nobody is ever held accountable. We have to change the system. The souls of thousands of young african-americans that we have to change this system. It is imperative that we have to make positive change here or this is going to continue to play out over and over again. When you say change the system, what exactly do you mean? Robin, Michael brown's parents really want his death to be a catalyst for change to change this system. A system where the local prosecutor who has a symbiotic relationship with the local police department and the local police officers who kill young people of color have to sit in judgment whether to indict them or not. Well, they have no relationship and no regards for the young people of color that have been killed. And we often see the system exonerate these police officers over and over again. We continue to see our children being killed by the people who are supposed to protect and serve them. And there's no consequence when they were killed. Despite their immense pain, many appreciated Michael brown's family releasing a statement saying not to answer violence with violence. That is not the answer here. And not in their son's name. There were many protests around the country. The majority of those protests were peaceful. But the same cannot be said in Ferguson as you know. Is there something additionally that the family would like to say to the protesters? His mother and father continually and for peace. They want people not just to make noise, but to try to make a difference. They really want the Michael brown law, this proposal for all police officers to have to wear video body cameras in every city in America. They say we have to be disciplined and dignified. Can't have a few bad apples destroy the message of Michael brown's call for peace. I think that's something that we all can agree upon. Mr. Crump, thank you very much. And the best to Michael brown's family. Thank you, sir. Thank you, robin. And thank you, robin.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Benjamin Crump discusses the reaction to the grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27160572","title":"Brown Family Attorney: 'Nobody's Ever Held Accountable'","url":"/GMA/video/brown-family-attorney-nobodys-held-accountable-27160572"}