Bruce Jenner: '2015 Is Going to Be Quite a Ride'

Diane Sawyer gives a sneak peek of her interview with the former Olympian and reality-TV star.
2:01 | 04/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bruce Jenner: '2015 Is Going to Be Quite a Ride'
Bruce Jenner. Tabloid headlines. So much speculation. He's remained silent until tonight when he speaks to Diane sawyer in a "20/20" special. Diane, everyone wants to know what's going on? Ah, George. I think we can all agree that some things, some stories should only be told by the person who lives them. He wants to speak directly tonight. I'll let him say first what he wants to say. But we did talk over several days, long conversations. And toward the end, I said, dd I miss anything? Is there any question you think I should have asked you? What's the question you would ask you? What is the question -- If I were you, what question would you ask me? Right. Are you going to be okay? You know? Are you gonna be okay? Yeah. I hope I'm gonna be okay. I feel like I'm gonna be okay. 015 is going to be quite a ride. Quite a ride. Boy, you see a lot just in that 15, 20 seconds right there. That yeah. A little tent active. What do you hope people get out of all this? I hope people talk with other people, with families, with their friends. There is so much to think about. Not just about what he's going to tell you. But about even's life. We talked to members of his family, including his little older sister, who tells us what she saw when they were growing up. And, think you're going to learn about family love. This is a family love story. And the journey they have all been on. And as you say, it's a journey that a lot of the country is now looking at as well. Understanding. Understanding, learning tonight. Cannot wait for it. Diane's two-hour special. "20/20" special. Bruce Jenner, the interview. Now to a remarkable story.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Diane Sawyer gives a sneak peek of her interview with the former Olympian and reality-TV star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30551406","title":"Bruce Jenner: '2015 Is Going to Be Quite a Ride'","url":"/GMA/video/bruce-jenner-interview-2015-ride-30551406"}