Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Her Upcoming Movie 'Gold'

The actress stars in the thriller alongside Matthew McConaughey.
3:21 | 01/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Her Upcoming Movie 'Gold'
mcconaughey in a new movie playing the girlfriend of a prospector looking for a lucky break in "Gold." Take a look. Now, sometime, not that often, but sometimes the prospecting gods are having a party at the pearly Gates and we get really, really, really lucky and deep down in there and find a little metal which is gold. I love you. And I love your 1981 hairstyle. Oh, man. So beautiful. Curls were -- I've been trying to get them back ever since. It took me back. It was a crazy time. It was a wild time and so it's like, it's sort of the perfect insane story to be set in the perfect insane time. It's a true story about a gold mining scandal. Tell me about your character Kay. So, so I'm a woman, I'm from -- I'm kind of from this sort of like tough background a little bit and I'm with Matthew mcconaughey for many, many years and he is this dreamer and he will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams and she believes in him and he goes on this adventure and he finds gold and then it's, you know, what happens when you find gold. Yeah, I was going to say what is the movie ultimately about. I mean I think the movie is ultimately about kind of like what it takes to succeed and what succeeding really is. Yeah. And the lengths that we go to and the relationships that become forged and then break and the heartbreak and the struggle and the fun and the adventure. I mean I think it's like really a story about what it takes to make your dreams come true and this is just the extreme, extreme, extreme and there's like crazy twists and turns in a great movie. You know a little something about success. I want to congratulate you on your nomination for your S.A.G. Award for your role in my favorite series "Black mirror." For anyone who doesn't know it's like a modern-day "Twilight zone." Yeah. And why -- I actually wish you could be in more of them. It's like a one-off. You do one and each one is different. Were you a fan of the show. Yeah, I was freaked out by the show. Like I had watched an episode of the show. I kind of had like a meltdown afterwards as some people do like when they're like I can't watch anymore. I'm like, I understand. But do watch more. But I -- the filmmaker Joe Wright who directed the episode reached out to me and asked if I want the to be part of it. It was a treatment at that point and -- You're so good. You're also good in "Jurassic world" series. You have another one coming up. Very soon. What can we expect next from the dinosaurs. I mean, I have -- like I gained 35 pounds for "Black mirror" so ever since then I've been running to lose it so there will be some running. Dinosaurs are chasing you. Dinosaurs are chasing me. You're a busy woman and talented one so we are following your career. It's been so phenomenal to watch. All the films and TV series you've been in, Bryce Dallas Howard thanks for being with us

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The actress stars in the thriller alongside Matthew McConaughey. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44799237","title":"Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Her Upcoming Movie 'Gold'","url":"/GMA/video/bryce-dallas-howard-talks-upcoming-movie-gold-44799237"}