California Wildfire Contained Due to Change in Weather

Families are allowed to return home as officials stop the spread of fires.
2:15 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Wildfire Contained Due to Change in Weather
Let's turn to the breaking news on the fire lines in california. After several desperate days with out-of-control wildfires, threatening thousands of homes, finally the tide is turning. And the reason, the weather. The fires are now increasingly contained. And families are being allowed to return home for the first time in days. Abc's clayton sandell is in california. Good morning, clayton. Good morning to you, bianna. Overnight, good news. All evacuation orders for this fire were lifted. But many working this fire are being sent to brand-new wildfires. It's a sign that california's wildfire season is off to a fast and dangerous start. This morning, firefighters have turned the tables on a blaze that once seemed unstoppable. The 28,000-acre springs fire, finally beaten by cooler weather and hard-working firefighters. The change in the weather auh lowed us to get our resources in a position that we needed them. Reporter: Who told evacuees they could return home. Just getting back to normal will be a good thing. You know? Sleeping in your own bed and not having to worry. We shipped out. And came back last night. You don't want to take any chances when the wind gets blowing. You never know if it hops the road. Reporter: A new fire exploded saturday 80 miles east of los angeles. Attacked from the air by a dc-10 tanker. The latest in an unrelenting and early fire season. How worried does this make you for the rest of the season? Very. This is an ominous overtone for the next six to seven months. Reporter: Here in cama rio, the flames may be out, but the work still dangerous. We have a firefighter down. Reporter: We were there when a call comes in. A firefighter mopping up hot spots has fallen off a cliff. He's knocked out. A rescue team scrambles and is brought to an ambulance. Things are good. Reporter: Now, we're told that firefighter is going to be okay. And as long as the weather continues to cooperate here, firefighters expect to have full containment on the fire by tomorrow.

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{"id":19111641,"title":"California Wildfire Contained Due to Change in Weather","duration":"2:15","description":"Families are allowed to return home as officials stop the spread of fires.","url":"/GMA/video/california-wildfire-contained-due-change-weather-19111641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}