California Wildfire Blazes in 100-Degree Heat

Thousand have been forced to evacuate from the path of the 35-square-mile fire.
2:02 | 07/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Wildfire Blazes in 100-Degree Heat
In southern california, a desert wildfire that's massive. 35-square miles. Abc's linzie janis is in the heart of the fire zone, near idyllwild, california. Good morning, linzie. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. The home behind me has been completely destroyed by fire. You see all that's left is the children's play house and slide. The blaze, still very close to these mountain communities. And palm springs, as well. This morning, about the quaint town of idyllwild, a raging inferno and a 30,000-foot column of smoke threatening its existence. Embers get into the column and can drop anywhere. It's predicted to go right over the top of this town. Reporter: Most of the 4,000 people who live in this historic artist community have evacuated. We looked a it and saw flames coming over the mountains. So, we knew it was time to go. I've seen it on tv a bunch of times. And it was hard to relate to. And it feels indescribable. Reporter:100 miles east of los angeles, the idyllwild blaze is 35-square miles in size and dangerously close to nearby towns, including the outer edges of palm springs. The area's rough terrain is a huge challenge. There's something on fire with smoke that you try to get to. And you're weighted down with packs and equipment. Reporter: For some family, it's too late. The fire is moving 15 miles per hour. And it came right on top of him. Reporter: And there's no end in sight, with high winds and even dry lightning potentially headed this way. In colorado, the extreme heat has triggered thunderstorms and tragedy. Overnight, a lightning bold struck nine farm workers in ft. Collins, leaving two in critical condition. The fire here is so intense, firefighters did something they haven't done in 30 years. They fought the blaze from above, through the night, despite poor visibility.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Thousand have been forced to evacuate from the path of the 35-square-mile fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19709971","title":"California Wildfire Blazes in 100-Degree Heat","url":"/GMA/video/california-wildfires-2013-blazes-100-degree-heat-thousands-19709971"}