Soldier, Suspect Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting

All military bases in Canada are on lockdown after shootings in Ottawa.
5:29 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Soldier, Suspect Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting
This is an ABC news. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now within update on what is describes a fluid ongoing potentially dangerous situation today in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. It all began to unfold at a Pressley 9:52 AM. This morning in Ottawa but when there was a shooting. The near the Canadian parliament the national war memorial one Canadian forces soldier was killed. By the gunman the gunman then apparently made his way. To the parliament which is close by and made his way into the parliament. That suspect has been shot dead. As well but right now we just heard from Canadian placed at Royal Canadian Mounted Police they cannot say. A whether there are other shooters at large right now there's so many people in that city that capital of Canada on lockdown it was a chaotic situation. In the Canadian parliament this morning yes or footage right there. Showing police and security officials. Going through the hallways when gunfire is heard. I enjoyed on the phone now by the reporters shot that video Josh when growth. From the globe and mail and Joshua justice incredible footage right there tell us where you were and what you are seeing. News news news spent the morning and you can imagine meeting the parliament is sort of the big hallway right there on the new look at those two main always go up. Either side and within one of those wind and this guy looks like he came in the city convention in. Right there although it is that quality area. Lot of security there. Can you heard gunshots from a man who ducked my head down the hall he saw. Smoke and then they can smell it almost instantly. And so. Going to see deploy and and surrounding the corners through that video picked up and what we saw there was food security guards here in parliament do you know sort of moving down the hallway. Can we look be retrieved anytime not erupted in tune in news. You know remarkable and there are large number of guns. And and which led to a body being on the ground that I thought nothing they sort of dreading definitive. I can't confirm whether that was the shooter is certainly seem to deviate from the report. Since then and we chaotic morning it's Wednesday morning you can all be emptied candidates gathered here for their pocket and a good. It's the elderly children and it happened at a time when the maximum number of them Q were actually in the building and no those rooms were there meeting or just on either side that always good looks like. Certainly at least the police went down trees and the guy is not the shooter himself so he would do it all happened very fast reports than commuters still in a locked down here five or later so. And the you know it still very fluid urban another shooting here. You know there's you heard from the press conferences. Is not a lot is not a lot of clarity on what exactly is going on whether it's even states. What we what can you tell us though about. Thanks to Josh when growth for that we also know that became Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been brought to secure location has spoken. With President Obama. As well but I'm joined here where cheating that's your correspondent Brian Ross. Not a lot of other information we don't know if there were other shooters we don't know what they were motivated but the shooter was motivated by what may have been going on there but we do know. They Canada has been on edge for the last two days they went on. High alert last week and then on Monday a person who was motivated they say by terrorist ideology ran down to Canadian soldiers in uniform killing one of them. He was one of about ninetieth Canadians who are under surveillance. For possibly planning to go to join crisis in Syria they actually had revoked his passport. So whether this person in today's shooting was involved is not known but that certainly will be a focus on. In the meantime they've asked on military bases and Kennedy put on lockdown and four military personnel to be vigilant. Also calls Martha Raddatz or chief global affairs correspondent for vigilance here as well here's a statement just put out. By the FBI they say that although there is no specific reporting indicating a threat to United States as a matter of precaution due to recent events. The FBI has reminded our field offices and government partners to remain vigilant in light of recent calls for attacks against government personnel by terrorist groups and like minded individuals. And there are very specific in October the hit on October 11 the FBI put out another bulletin. Saying that crisis had put out an audio recording that specifically said and urged homegrown terrorists to target soldiers patrons of troops there police security. And intelligence members that's why every one is vigilant right. And remain vision again. President Obama has spoke with Stephen Harper the Canadian prime minister a shooting in Canada this morning two shootings one at the national war memorial one at the Canadian parliament. The shooter had has been killed. By parliamentary officials also the soldier. Who is is dead as well as we said. And we have much more on this tonight on world news and David Muir entire team is on this we'll bring you updates as conditions warrant from George Stephanopoulos in New York. This has been a special.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"All military bases in Canada are on lockdown after shootings in Ottawa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26381268","title":"Soldier, Suspect Dead in Canadian Parliament Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/canada-shooting-suspect-and-soldier-dead-in-parliament-attack-26381268"}