Canadian Freight Train Explodes After Derailment

Train filled with crude oil bursts into flames, Quebec town evacuated.
2:20 | 07/07/13

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Transcript for Canadian Freight Train Explodes After Derailment
Over -- turn out to the other deadly accident making headlines this weekend this one in Canada just across the border from Maine a devastating derailment of a 72 car along freight train filled with crude oil that exploded into an inferno of flames. ABC's GO Benitez has the latest -- -- from the scene good morning GM. And be on good morning to you with this morning up to a hundred people could still be missing and when you see this video. You might agree with the people here who say. This looks like a war -- Overnight a desperate search for the missing in a small town ravaged by back to back explosions. This is the -- aftermath captured by local firefighters. The billowing flames Saturday morning ignited when an unmanned cargo train with 72 tankers of crude oil reportedly became -- hatched move downhill into the town. And -- -- We see those big tank cars -- it's like okay one is it gonna happen you know when is this catastrophe gonna happen and in I had. The locals say in nearby bar was packed with people. When the explosion started at 1 AM Saturday nobody knows if those people are still alive. Of course we don't want to panic anyone a sense of some buicks have been out of town and unreachable but obviously were torn messaging as soon as possible -- -- people are actually missing. This is your town that's -- your emotion. Born and raised -- I scared and furious gold -- and to her house is very down. She's 93 she didn't have time to get out of -- This morning the concern for the entire area is over the quality of the air and water. Much of the oil from the tankers has leaked into rivers and lakes. We just can't wait for -- this evening and -- that's still going on beyond our control so weekend I'll work -- very. -- instead of being Indian president and famous. And so right now there's only one confirmed death but officials fear there's many more they'll know once they're able to get a clear view. Of that site -- and beyond what a disaster for that little county thank you for your reporting this morning.

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{"id":19598469,"title":"Canadian Freight Train Explodes After Derailment","duration":"2:20","description":"Train filled with crude oil bursts into flames, Quebec town evacuated.","url":"/GMA/video/canadian-freight-train-explodes-derailment-19598469","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}