Canadian Woman Searches for Biological Father

Melonie Dodaro's search for her biological father leads her to an Elvis impersonator in Thailand.
2:53 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for Canadian Woman Searches for Biological Father
Okay everybody it is time for the makes it actually had several of these stories now people reuniting their families right using face but he's an Internet. This time they have producing little twist this woman. After 47 years decides she's going she's a social media experts need to find your dad. Jesus the hash tag finds it stay down professor Jack. Plus it's a common name that in the Netherlands which is where he's born she knew that she had his age is well. They're I don't ever find them. But good things she can be he has an Elvis impersonator living in Thailand. Oh there he ends dad. Yeah this is threatening Clinton would beat out. So apparently it was in a mansion in Atlanta has two other children went away and their names. Hung out with our loved it thanks stamp. Look no big deal with god. So much three daughters probable I. You look surprised I am genuinely surprised Idaho was born and raised in West Memphis my mother's due date with me was August 16 1977. That in the being the dated Elvis died. I was born three days late August 19. My kitchen that was raised the next coltart love them you looked shocked the way I can't really can't fifty Atlantic. France and Canada well let's turn now. You old although this could mean the throw make up here this cold but. On the net that's not today. Give and they go I haven't slowed latest addition there is the team and they do there was a dream but a lot of women they in the do make up on their own sometimes you'll run. You gotta put on without looking in the mirror and some women have this guilt they are able to do this. Blacks. If you put people on camera. Here are women. This website bustle dot com I do not know what that is I'll hoping you'd explain it to me. There but here they are trying to put makeup on without using a mirror no what do you think about the results are doing okay right you do this so often you should be able do and instinctively without having to look at their. I percent of ticket the island. That's the faces as what he had and laughing at the ladies that faces that we make lowered Arabic at I left that's very scary you know what was the thing with she was doing on the two draw the I don't think it was South Africa and her husband some kind of bronze or some kind of I think that that's her faith that the act. I'll look my way that okay those they do OK dual capable both. We'll gets up one more I'll pay out only one more out of Orange new artist images on how Kate Middleton the daughter we'll look. So they think that this is why it. The big hill at that age why we can't do I. But no they use this specialist and facial recognition at age progression. To do this as having easily seen the baby but that's her by age twelve. No doubt she's gonna come to be king gorgeous woman already who can't does with the baby growing wave receivers.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Melonie Dodaro's search for her biological father leads her to an Elvis impersonator in Thailand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31518771","title":"Canadian Woman Searches for Biological Father","url":"/GMA/video/canadian-woman-searches-biological-father-31518771"}