4 Carnival Cruise Ships Experience Malfunctions in One Month

Sen. Chuck Schumer is now proposing a cruise-passenger bill of rights.
2:02 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for 4 Carnival Cruise Ships Experience Malfunctions in One Month
Now, to mor headlines for carnival cruise lines. There has been yet another serious malfunction on one of their ships. If you're counting at home, it's now four carnival cruise ships in trouble in the last month. U.S. Senator chuck schumer is p proposing a cruise passenger's bill of rights. Reporter: This morning, the carnival "legend" is back at sea and full of passengers. The departure comes nine hours after unloading 2,000 angry passengers on sunday. They cut the voyage short. Terrible trip, canceled early, three days at sea, missed two stop, they gave us 1200 bucks. Last cruise I'm taking, for sure. Reporter: It comes in the midst of another headline grabber. The company was forced to fly passengers back to the u.S. After an emergency generator failed. The carnival "elation" was brought back to shore by a tug boat because of steering issues. Some industry experts now question if the company can maintain its ships effectively, after passengers were strand on the hobbled carnival "triumph" for eight days last month after it lost power. While they're in a rush to meet demand, build ships big enough to hold thousands and thousands of people, won't know what is happening. Reporter: This morning, the problems aarently have not all been solved. Carnival says the ship's propulsion issues can still being worked on by technicians. Meanwhile, carnival says "the dream" is on the way back to the u.S. While most chooses have been stopped short, schumer's bill of rights would allow passengers to get full refunds, not just partial ones. Seems the least they could do. Now to the royals, kate make

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{"id":18753454,"title":"4 Carnival Cruise Ships Experience Malfunctions in One Month","duration":"2:02","description":"Sen. Chuck Schumer is now proposing a cruise-passenger bill of rights.","url":"/GMA/video/carnival-cruise-ships-malfunctions-lead-call-passengers-bill-18753454","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}