Cast of 'The Middle' Celebrates Milestone Moment on 'GMA'

The Heck family sits down in its own living room to celebrate 100th episode on ABC.
4:19 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for Cast of 'The Middle' Celebrates Milestone Moment on 'GMA'
And now, we turn to abc's hit sitcom, "the middle." It's marking a big milestone, 100th episode of the show. Today, we have the entire cast with us right here in our living room. But it looks a lot like your living room. We've re-created it. We want you to feel at home. As much as we appreciate this effort, we come to new york to get away from the set. Yeah. We have to live in this all week long, 12 hours a day. We do appreciate it. I like my ottoman, it's nice. The recliner? This is nicer than our house. Let's settle in and talk about it. Can you believe it? 100 episodes. I know. And neil and I talk about this. We're like the oldest people on the set. And how fast it went. Although, at the end of every season, we're ready to have a break. And it's hard to believe we've been doing this for five years. It flies when you're having fun. I want to show a little sneak peek of what we get. This is tonight's episode. Take a look. Nancy donahue's fault. She plies everybody with booze and brownies. And we turn into her army of idiots. Why don't you stop doing what she says. She acts like queen bee. And you suck up to her. Who gives a crap what nancy donahue things. Me? How about you? Acting like a big shot around bill. Yeah. That's me. I live to impress bill normwood. He has his own cross to bear. That's so funny. Do you have a blast playing? Neil and I were in two, tiny boxes, separately, on a sound stage, next to each other. But we had -- this is the first time we've seen it where we see the reactions of the people we're talking about. It's fun to see it. I'll bet it is. I heard that the 100th episode celebration was amazing. Did you just have an injury to -- a leg injury? I did. It was quite a feat walking over here. I decided to -- you actually decided to wear the shoes. This is the first time I've worn an actual shoe in public. If I can do it, to "good morning america," I can do it anywhere. And I did it. Thank you. Totally. How was that celebration? It was great. Fantastic. It's nice to see everybody dressed up, like today. It's weird to see everybody in new york. I kind of -- we should have done something together. It's not too late. It kind of is. We're all going back right after this. I want to ask you, atticus. So impressive. Your voice is very unique. Thank you. You play the whisperer. The voiceovers you're doing, as well. And serious impressions. Can you share any with us? I do a ton of impressions. My newest one has been a peewee herman impression. If you don't mind? I know what you are but what am i. I know what you are, but what am i? It's not for sale, francis. Peewee, listen to reason. Shh. I'm listening to reason. Nice. He's very shy. It's hard to pull you out of your shell. I just want to ask you, this is your first big tv gig. Yeah. We were talking. Is there a mother/son relationship between you two? Do you feel that? Yeah. Penny got me a suit. She helped me get a suit. I didn't know how to get a suit. And she set me up with a suit. I got him to the wardrobe person. I he came to me for help. But the very first time charlie and I met on the set, after i ran out of questions, where are you from? Do you have brothers and sisters? The only logical next question is, do you smoke pot? If you do, don't smoke pot. There you go. Motherly advice. She said the same thing to me. You know, this is why the show works. It's so great to have you here. Next time, we're going to leave the fancy furniture. Yay. Great to see you all. Congratulations. Check out the 100th episode of "the middle," 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central, here on abc. What a treat.

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{"id":20655710,"title":"Cast of 'The Middle' Celebrates Milestone Moment on 'GMA'","duration":"4:19","description":"The Heck family sits down in its own living room to celebrate 100th episode on ABC.","url":"/GMA/video/cast-middle-celebrates-milestone-moment-gma-20655710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}