Catastrophic Flooding Hits the Midwest

Three inches of rain per hour fell in Texas, state of emergency called after Minnesota mudslides.
1:48 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for Catastrophic Flooding Hits the Midwest
And we have a lot of breaking news to get to this morning and I know -- be talking about the massive flooding from the midwest. All the way down to Texas it's a big story of -- -- -- it is and I wanted to start because it is a serious one stationary front and come with me because I'll show you what's happening here. Has set up over the northern plains parts of the Great Lakes and that's we -- training thunderstorms we call -- they just where I belong there. Rain after rain after rain Minneapolis itself has had in 24 hours what you would get in -- weeks of rain but this is also happening. And Texas and that's with a stunning pictures begin this morning. Rain falling at three inches per hour in Texas whipped by nearly seventy mile per hour winds floods inducing mudslides in Minnesota. A hundred yard chunk of hill giving -- at the university of Minnesota medical center. Before crashing into the Mississippi River forcing evacuations and prompting roads to close it just a big mud slide. Coming down Minnesota is known as the land of 101000 lakes this morning it's got a few more you didn't know I need to -- there. I lost everything. -- through -- like Niagara Falls a state of emergency in 35 counties after four inches of rain fell just in Minneapolis on Thursday the most ever recorded on a single day in June. And now reports that 1000 homes have been damaged by flooding south of Minneapolis when -- -- and this road outside Minneapolis becoming an and -- waterfall floods swallowing parts of South Dakota to. Crews there working frantically overnight building a Levy across this highway interstate 29. The big Sioux river expected to crest as early as this morning. I wish I could say it's over but it's not more rain this weekend this is not what has fallen but what will fall by Sunday two to three inches that red -- we're really concerned about some of the rivers and I.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Three inches of rain per hour fell in Texas, state of emergency called after Minnesota mudslides.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24227019","title":"Catastrophic Flooding Hits the Midwest","url":"/GMA/video/catastrophic-flooding-hits-midwest-24227019"}