Couple's Alleged Abduction Caught on Tape: Is It a Hoax?

New York police released video showing a couple just moments before their apparent abduction.
2:38 | 04/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple's Alleged Abduction Caught on Tape: Is It a Hoax?
Check out this story. A bizarre case. A couple, apparently was taken off a nrk city street in the middle of the day. Police released this surveillance video. A couple look nervous just moments before their apparent abduction. Gio benitez is here with more. Reporter: Police have no idea who the people are and nobody has been reported missing in the area. Police say this might have been a hoax among friends to celebrate abirthday. Get do go. Reporter: It's a terrifying scene you might see in a suspense film. Masked men abducting someone in broad daylight. Is it happening in real life? They were walking down the street this way, the car pulled up on the opposite side and, um -- he screamed, he picked her up. Reporter: Look closely. An unidentified man in dark clothes and a woman in a white coat walk down a quiet manhattan street. Seconds later, two men, one with a ski mask and another with a plastic bag over their head run after the couple a dark-colored minivan turns the wrong way down a one-way street. It turned down the one way, pulled over and stopped. A couple of guys came out and picked up a girl, put her in the car. Reporter: Investigators said two young girls called 911 friday after seeing the woman screaming after she was forced into the minivan at gun point. No trace of the van or the passengers since. There's probably some relationship between the abductors and the victims. Was this over drugs? Some sort of debt? Or was it to make a statement? Reporter: Eyewitnesses say the couple seemed nervous, looking over their shoulders, just before in the alleged abduction. And the woman was reportedly carrying two heavy bags. When she screamed, we were nervous. The way they walked in, seemed suspicious, like they knew whose car they were going into. Reporter: So far, no one is reported missing. Investigators are poring over the video and looking for clues on who this couple is. Even looking into whether this whole thing is a hoax. And police won't take any chances. If this turns out to be a very real abduction. Lots of columbia university dental students live in the area. No word on whether any of the people involved in the incident are students.

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{"id":18852895,"title":"Couple's Alleged Abduction Caught on Tape: Is It a Hoax?","duration":"2:38","description":"New York police released video showing a couple just moments before their apparent abduction.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-tape-nyc-couple-abduction-birthday-hoax-alleged-18852895","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}