Photographer's Scary Encounter With Polar Bear Caught on Tape

Gordon Buchanan shares footage of his experience in "The Polar Bear Family and Me."
2:29 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Photographer's Scary Encounter With Polar Bear Caught on Tape
Now to the latest on the mystery of what happened to fashion -- auditorium with -- in his wife -- a small plane carrying six people that vanished. Off the coast of South America Friday morning a massive search is ongoing and now members of his family. Are hinting that the Sony and his fellow passengers may have been kidnapped ABC's Matt Gutman has the very latest -- good morning. Hey good morning -- And that's because -- this but the plane went down along an area that is a well known drug smuggling -- as you said we're hearing reports from the family that they hope that somehow. The plane was somehow hijacked and that is the only chance that the -- the members might still be alive. This morning search teams are crisscrossing the Caribbean for Vittorio -- Sony and his companions. The heir to the iconic Italian designer knows -- -- geometric patterns lost -- the Venezuelan coast the 58 year old -- Sony his wife and four others taking off Friday in this tiny plane from the remote but fashionable Los broke his silence to Caracas. It was the middle of the day suddenly just a few minutes seen. The plane vanishes from the radar. -- really really -- Sony like hey my parents they didn't founded in 1953 by the -- parents. It's only captured the attention of celebrities with -- its trademark zigzag design in recent years under Victoria's vision. The brand has been expanding its design empire from home where two who -- Victoria also spearheaded a push into the biggest market -- -- the UN -- The 400 -- -- Sony line it targets sold out almost instantly crashing target's web site. Tutorial help the company bring in about 200 million dollars last year and was scheduled to showcase a new collection in Milan next Sunday. It's definitely an incredible loss for the brand if something did happen to hand he's been -- There's really credited with making the signing a global empire. There are many to -- many family members to temporarily filled with among them Margarita and Sony -- niece and the young face of Hedrick. -- Vittorio Stanley are still holding out hope for a miracle is -- -- Tom BO tweeting please help us find my father. And -- search area is expanding their now 400 people involved. Covering an area about the size of Rhode Island hoping to find some Trace of that 45 year old plane. But -- -- Venezuela has to keep this search going. For four more days -- now we certainly hope that can only get some answers soon Matt -- -- Miami thank you so much.

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{"id":18149586,"title":"Photographer's Scary Encounter With Polar Bear Caught on Tape","duration":"2:29","description":"Gordon Buchanan shares footage of his experience in \"The Polar Bear Family and Me.\"","url":"/GMA/video/caught-tape-wildlife-photographer-gordon-buchanans-scary-encounter-18149586","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}