Celebrities Face-Off in Super Bowl 50 Ads

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen are just some of the celebs starring in the much-anticipated ads.
1:59 | 01/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrities Face-Off in Super Bowl 50 Ads
Byrd gotten out of the Super Bowl that's Super Bowl fifty Peyton Manning and the Broncos up against canyons Panthers that does not feel. Matchup though Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Bud Light right there ABC's Chris Connolly has more about the at a lineup. From date nights. Web sites. Of floodlights in the middle of back there is no man any thoughtful and fancy car. Movie stars. And Tyler to the slated for Super Bowl fifty shape up to be another elite group and they better be. With 32 spots on the telecast said to be going for as much as five million dollars major impact. Is a must they're very few places advertisers can go. To get a lot of people in one shot. And the Super Bowl is it last year the Super Bowl had a record 114 million viewers that's sort of opportunity simply doesn't exist in the stalemate Aerosmith Steven Tyler walking this way for scandal Schweppes that triggers Squarespace netting comic duo. He had to heal no stalling the incomparable really says she says yes Lee indecent himself representing for LG electronics. Straight heavy Juan boxing's the mini Coopers brazen areas of Christopher Walken weighs in for Kia. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen are beer bottle buddy stomach catcher TJ Miller who will have his modesty on it's going to be degree consumer or commercial. Of all time. Generous national three different shot by amateurs clips are competing merger reed of thirty seconds slower. All of these mini epics. Eager to get your attention the weight Budweiser is lost puppy did Super Bowl 49 last year so don't go away. Good Morning America Chris Hamilton ABC news Los Angeles. Off that was. Definitely about how easily that was so great legend truly might try to top that this year that's better and better every year that's one thing you can always look forward to every suitable agreed.

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{"id":36522144,"title":"Celebrities Face-Off in Super Bowl 50 Ads","duration":"1:59","description":"Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen are just some of the celebs starring in the much-anticipated ads.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrities-face-off-super-bowl-50-ads-36522144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}