Charges Imminent in Hazing Death of Baruch College Student, Attorney Says

Freshman Chun Hsien Deng, 19, died after pledging ritual involving weighted backpacks and blindfolds.
1:33 | 07/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charges Imminent in Hazing Death of Baruch College Student, Attorney Says
Dozens of fraternity brothers are expected to be charged following a party in the poconos. And those charges include homicide. They have been expected since may, but authorities were waiting far medical report and a digital animation of how this 19-year-old freshman died during a fraternity hazing ritual. This morning, some 30 college students could face charges from hazing to possible homicide as the result of the death of this pledge, John Michael Deng. The family say the police assure them the charges are imminent. They have ruled it's a homicide, and the only thing left is for charges to be filed. They say they pushed the freshman where he was blinded and wearing a backpack with 20 pounds of sand. He later died after blunt force trauma. It was physical contact, it was aggressive. Reporter: The incident happened in December during a retreat in the poconos held by the asian-american fraternity. They did not call 911, but instead waited two hours before driving him to a hospital 45 minutes away. Deng died there the following day. There shouldn't have been a delay, and there was, and then a coverup. Reporter: Several frat members tried to hide their cell phones to keep them from seeing videos and conversations about the hazing rituals. The fraternity now has a lifetime ban. If delay in seeking treatment resulted in the death of this kid, then that's going to be particularly problematic for all of those who were present. Reporter: The Deng family attorney says it is likely there will be a civil suit as well. The disciplinary process is under way. The district attorney's office not commenting. Thanks, and Dan, it's got to be a challenge for prosecutors to make a collective prosecution like this stick. We were expecting an announcement in may about charges. They have been trying to figure out what each and every individual there did. They have videos, they may be creating an make to assess what happened and re-create it. There may be very different charges. One might get a misdemeanor hazing charge, someone else with manslaughter. This is complicated, taking their time. But anyone there will likely get charged with something. And a complicated offense, because these different students could start turning against each other. Absolutely. And that's why the video becomes so important. Because if there was no video, people could say, I didn't do it, he did it. Except in this case, there was a lot of cell phone video, which some of them allegedly tried to hide when authorities began the investigation. As a result, it's hard for someone on video to say I didn't do that. The question is going to be for those not on the video, maybe nom not there, involved in the coverup. This is a complicated investigation, and I think prosecutors have been smart to take their time. But now we expect some charges to be announced. Thanks very much.

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{"id":24448446,"title":"Charges Imminent in Hazing Death of Baruch College Student, Attorney Says","duration":"1:33","description":"Freshman Chun Hsien Deng, 19, died after pledging ritual involving weighted backpacks and blindfolds.","url":"/GMA/video/charges-imminent-hazing-death-baruch-college-student-attorney-24448446","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}