New charges in Penn State fraternity death

Prosecutors requested a new judge and refiled some charges against 11 members of the fraternity.
2:37 | 10/28/17

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Transcript for New charges in Penn State fraternity death
with that horrific hazing case out of Penn state university back in the news this morning. 11 members of a now closed fraternity are facing additional charges this morning in the death of a pledge. Yeah, prosecutors have refiled most of the counts tossed out by a judge last month. Eva pilgrim is here with the story. Good morning. Reporter: The facts of this case are hard to hear. What we know, 19-year-old Timothy piazza lay inside a Penn state frat house for hours with a fractured skull. Damaged spleen and several other injuries as a result of the hazing ritual. Now, prosecutors saying if someone had called for help, his life could have been saved. This morning, they're pushing for justice. Almost two months after a judge threw out the most severe charges in the death of 19-year-old Timothy piazza, prosecutors are now asking for a new judge, refiling those charges Friday adding that more charges could be coming. This prosecutor may be betting that if she is able to get a new judge that judge may find that there is probable cause with respect to some of the more serious charges. Reporter: Prosecutors maintain surveillance video from inside the beta theta pi house showing him visibly drunk falling head first struggling in pain for hours. His fellow frat brothers waiting 12 hours before calling 911. 18 brothers were initially charged. 14 of the cases now going forward. Four completely cleared. Including Joe ems who said he thought he was sleeping it off. I wasn't fully aware. Joey ems is long gone before this morphs into a young fella who looks like a drunken frat kid to a young man in obvious distress. He's home sleeping at that point. Reporter: This morning prosecutors saying this investigation is not over. Authorities still looking into some unanswered questions. We have to be the advocates of change. Tim is not just our son anymore. He represents every son and daughter of every family that has someone that they want to send to college that they want to participate in Greek life. Guy, I was in court the day they played that security video. Piazza's family chose not to watch it. They say thei didn't want that to be the last memory they had of their son alive. The family saying they support the prosecutor's commitment to bring Timothy justice. That video, though, just very hard to watch. Of course, I've sat with the family as well. They are distraught and understandably so. Good for them for staying strong. Eva, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Prosecutors requested a new judge and refiled some charges against 11 members of the fraternity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50781035","title":"New charges in Penn State fraternity death","url":"/GMA/video/charges-penn-state-fraternity-death-50781035"}