Charlie Sheen Talks About 'Mad Families' Live on 'GMA'

The actor dishes on his upcoming comedy, which will stream on Crackle.
3:36 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Charlie Sheen Talks About 'Mad Families' Live on 'GMA'
You have it a big dumb movie coming out to Matt yeah man you know how good. Thank you. Okay. He's one of the writers producers how is our only money Davis England's it was too takes. It was just a couple of Amro a couple of pros just just doing their thing that was really poor for the before now knowing barely met him like one Unita you guys had an equity nine was jest. It was. Metro not make rhythmic. Hunt fast I didn't I just wrote like three words aren't. Like sixty movies that you have been in and somebody cared terrorists. Personal favorites Ricky gone following on the I don't. Favored won't know what but that haircut. Omnia. In bars on steroids. Did you get it into a duel down what you see a few grumbling moments you know. I'd like yeah yeah now and in another way of putting and is do not like what about your favorite role. Oh Jesus I. It's. I haven't delivered it yet. And kind of hurt take a look at this. Inside the government. The president's top aide. Bobby bishop. This just uncovered a conspiracy. A long time ago film opened on an airplane. Nobody in the nobody yeah. Can open and have your master. Sorry. I would dribble got that thank you. Here's what's been radically bizarre might might my life is all about the home cosmic collision courses com. Yesterday. On I'm looking for a lighter. Sar shall smoke what are and and I find I find the ID card from that movie don't mind I'm not I'd look at me. I am such a bad liar right by a don't know how to. No that just happened like 46 hours ago. So that maybe they yemen's and and it Zandi says why announced average this is Bobbie what what's the Gergen and I think. Cares who they. Did little reason don't remember. OK but let me just get back to Eminem crackle madness. What is it about. What can I just say this come on the guy that put the crack back in crackled on the. Too much for the starting tonight yeah. What you'll laugh right there are being here to got a laugh at that awesome. Well I want is just let everybody know that's Ricky find that jammies on grab. It's some it's it's it's it's a campsite on the fourth of July and and three very diverse families on get booked on the same day and insanity instant yes it does yet and have her own reckless and a clip. A clip the editorial writer bear hug and I'm glad you're doing so well Charlie have you. Check out started and everybody.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The actor dishes on his upcoming comedy, which will stream on Crackle. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44724332","title":"Charlie Sheen Talks About 'Mad Families' Live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/charlie-sheen-talks-mad-families-live-gma-44724332"}