Chef Gordon Ramsay Cooks a Midnight Snack

Ramsay shows us how to make grilled cheeses, flavored popcorn and truffle scrambled eggs from High Street on Market in Philadelphia
18:40 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for Chef Gordon Ramsay Cooks a Midnight Snack
If you wanna see the best wit of your life. Your in the Mary right place right now. He is Andy topics shaft and all the land Gordon Ramsay is live with us from high street on market in Philadelphia gore is. In the kitchen hey you're like hey. You're more Madonna possible happy about died forty years GMA congratulations that's my package isn't. You look so good for your age court. Is that going to like a fine wine the longer we leave you alone. The moment shall you get that on the fact that I'm Rebecca we're joined tonight reasons there's talent I mean groups with. This season's must I mean heavyweights Jesse go to bed this op off by a working about two hours ago he's hip presses that he's. And again the problem joined by Derek. I'm I was saying these dudes tonight my right hand man amazing lady of course Christina Wilson the local go from Philly. That is phenomenal Erica I'm. Incredible lineup seriously. Midnight snack from the we goth all the time you get harm. Whether you've been out for drinks you friends. Conference is what I've you know you could it get home field duplicates would you do you know open midnight but what would you go for midnight tonight. Scott's right yeah. Scott sense class customizable widget. Rights are being a cookie Waldman on delicious there. Sure I'll just close your. Pristina. It. I think it. Just a notorious crimes that is Laura thoughts on the nominees coming amazing because some amazing. Flavored popcorn we're gonna do group cheese or recognize that to grow without stuff and then to round off we're gonna do. An incredible. Some just delicious and fat absorbing down invited. I was thirteen million viewers fold my own taken a very incredible scum bag finished without the truffles. I'm Joseph Sobel Tom. She knows this them. Adults sometimes takes its until now. This this that was quite as well in them dollars to. Let. It has yeah. Now please. I've eaten now that sniffed by. Thanks I'm these out of trouble Rebecca that happened how thousand dollars a Quito the moment that. Fifteen dollars eleven dollars twelve pills also like is the excuse me they. I'm gonna take it Whitehead and I'm up. Would you think. It's delicious. Eight. Well I think nothing but there is still on the apple cornice. Yeah. A new go to help receiving yards of these groups and police due to crack me 66. If that's your right Ecstasy grace hasn't discussed with you this question what tobacco. Customs authority next door and the rest some of them have for the midnight snack right. Right popular local sent an act of having the comfort zone Thelma thank you and then you're gonna have now gone for the notes on August I think. Many of some pressure on sort of time Tutsis with this iguana pretty good blue cheese. It. When I guess is they're doing it. Just getting this money yet again haven't. I. Earned it and he's. Not heat the Braintree accent that happens that the cruelties bomb somehow that was my auntie. I at this point we're at it clap so this crew chief and allies can be done with nineteen local. Chad. And then between now mr. image that we're. Some incredible left over racial. Now Brett. I spoke openly in the place. It's turning went. I was on the console as well I guess that gets stuck. On that from and spread nice and generous with the bath and let gonna bring an area will pop up around that brought us a feel about it. I just two and that. Six let's go right Detroit reckon it won't happen. Its audit. The older. Yet. Finger and it knocks Castro it was a sick wanted to fix crumbling. Thank. We're. We'll struck me. What do you think. It's just. Sit and just I don't do one side and what. Because there was. Five almanac returns through a bathroom. OK I can that I went. Mustard two tablespoons. That was several days. Here's from. That's it won't pace must it doesn't. Intend. Subplots on the out sides. Mossad on the inside. But. But when that. Will ultimately what good map. But from that. Agencies that we're all its Lumix please we've fuels much tonight and then you'll good honest now. But I don't appreciate it kept respond to what. It right there. About us out just. Silly is that it's appropriate that for us. OK and then. Yet distinguish that would trimmings. And I don't in this. On to go but. That. If there's nicely could not negotiate for the work. So the breadth has been bots have on the site. And that combat. It is amazing shall. There. It bombed back. He's a break shall. Well. But guys. It's. Shall Wear those off and push it down. But that open up bush tax. You push and Brett. Reza a rehearsal he recalls. What happens. We put on the grill. And I think. Now field just. Now and I got them that would give in that we must. A little bits that wouldn't go on the level thank you. From. I'm mushrooms growing up in Canada yet but that there'd. Salt pepper and mushrooms Christina how is the popcorn please its habitat is coming right and it they won't. What label we don't fall. A lot of help plus plus please. And chocolate apparently talking about popcorn. Reports but. About them. Football could deliver them outlets were happy for the craft event county got a lead to shaken impact got to get them. Now from way to get a fair profit from I don't know if I won't go to great given what. You've got a little gore never. Now you know minute deficit bonds kimono to take it off that he patriotic values people put through the risks and tackle because the man back on and off. And I got them. Excellent here's. Ultimately get the cheese on that okay. Here it but I don't know if they're. Time now that things are gonna bring the teeth of it after give. Of them that and we letter felt an adult she's home. Ago. And that. Go get back on home death. Project. Reds. Whole Michael I give them tools good month. Now read and we'll make. This is gonna make no doubt about our. Country I pick I'll read you have ruled out as well. Future. View to fool right now for the magic. Pretended to mobile phone that would please. Of Corsica and he's back. Right populist crazy everywhere. You Gelman it would grow that stuff back communicate. By the sort of a but drove up on the nose and the season yet. We start sees the announcement that it will great projects over the white truffles and that. Aegs but livable boxer. I meant to Italy. Yes yes funny. Case that I know you Bagger yes well but I I'm curious to know what you've done with Gordon Ramsay the kitchen is so polite right now. You haven't found any nightmares. That's you know what we've I growth. Open ten year olds as White House at that time there and that one's is because when libelous do homework. That's all done which will be legs school in the morning on the grill. What you're doing a phenomenal number habits say I'm really impressed with their technique and impressed with how just happening in that kitchen is this. If it if we wearing your kitchen on a typical night is this the level of yes. Activity that would be going on yes yes. And it. Possibly yes you have the right ones and back on the butt of the group on the news stop pushed him down now if not that's shouldn't ago. Accident what are you making over here after. So over the we've got the grilled cheese the genitals from them. That's what this complex as just human being about it. Now Syria. Where they say network live without it wasn't it. I can't back. How but it will take you to think that needs. Shielding them so. Yeah. Such missiles now for the magic. Salt and pepper that your group. Like a stall it's coming today from a prepared. I'm Richard Butler and but more importantly it's both the holt put this doubt. Now given our schools. From that how the church is record. Yeah. That business it was decadence about it and when America tonight and expend public truffles through half thousand. Three and half thousand. Dollars. Now thousand dollars thinking. On this beauty is worth about 300 dollars. NGOs pedestal that in that. How that touch wood on it. Knox. And we're about ready to say the scrambled now. It doesn't collect. Food arts is probably white truffle. Funny. Argument aren't rides a freedom. Now we read all thank. One. So. It's like. It offered. A more importantly. If golf. North amazing troubled inside. The Republic's Martin Rome a couple of mushrooms. Whereas the delicious. What court. Snapped from a leg pumps out of breath from that. Just lightly. My song. Now we knew that. When you go. And what if those shelf ready coming around would. Listening to his great importance to she's gonna for love what you're. Like you've never ever have to pull our growth in my office on. On born to monolithic grilled. I'm that the mushrooms. Now America yet I was a good sense from the Soviets here in New York I would let go right through. It looks bad not sick Le fait. I'm scrambled eggs would wipe out what troubles. The most amazing bites and office. I don't grow out of Brett rightful course now we doing. And Ian off like them are. Now these aren't. Any normal. Grow trees. These ideas partial rib grilled cheese come on I'm Calvin epidemic. Would but. Where it has not. Thank you and sort of grew that a single trees. By Christine Jones and questions without me please again. A lot of people yes rating and by far away putter yes yes I mean let's start you know I hate partner Doug award let's take your life. Let's see. If you were not a shaft what do you think he would've wanted to do. I think I would prefer it's to have done something like UIA. A job in the minutes were like a marine. Yeah ornate sales gap some in the get straight points price. Some of the negligence. Of someone that was the district of the points yes Jesse what would you like doing grow up. While it. Definitely I was gonna say yeah right could be especially when possible in the morning. Well would want to be where he grew up. It didn't. Well. Andre and I find it kind of did. Recently the company and lives on this is seen it takes. Happy when she and I happy fortieth. What. As it may happen. How. Confront what is a weapon residence. June 20 acres of him. We're this week one do you. Fuels contact. Calypso Christmas like within the next question next question. At what point did you feel you had made it. What point of Apple's nestled in the I'm pretty good question I think when he. Mr. god and the restaurants toward that that mr. stuff from a chest when he like when he else. Let's talk about what would and that I think when the metal or terms of shipments I think that I would not that styles and and in the back then yeah. You guys and you guys can go 0% where. His parents are mounting. For Christmas he may get. You go to your right eyebrow but to be freezing through these amazing by the way you're policing mum the queen here right now. That's what we've done if you can only one. Like what would have won mills rest my life couples. Oh yeah I would probably say. Affinity Wellington. Lovely. Woman Elvis and I wouldn't be as they terriers. Yet not. Chairman I'll have to be waiting on that he is Leavitt Leavitt Alabama got such people about. Great. 6% to sit next question. What was the hardest she ever had the hottest days and I probably IE wide public couple was also in Paris. Yes very difficult but the most amazing sense I think that news. I love that place. Believe as much that was possible. Overs reasons we're allies. That's what's your favorite fish to look at home for logistical well we have a new ship in the coming on the united children. Could see some takes I was accuses breakfast in bed. Every Sunday morning I'm how to go to dish that would be like today. Right whose firm is on our universities now. I'm wipe down the pecking order on the federal fall in the I'm not you. I'm gonna numb to these number one in the house yeah being. Kind of passed out are you planning on ever reading a book about your outstanding. On the official of a book about a minute speech. Secondly. 91 that I guess when I'm old and lots more time on my hands. Greats hopping. Yes resource everybody watching this place him agent by the way I'm a big thank you placed on market on the big shout out the most amazing chef Eli. I would think in everybody's a more importantly. Going to see about. Good night's event I learned her work time despotic. Thank you so much and thank you Jesse it's Jesse Garrick in Caitlin yes. Yes it is yes I don't Jesse Palin Derek everybody did such a great job I watched everybody. I'm curious to know perfectly. Well with that. What did he say it's potentially. As a back is voicing your dad. Suggested the voice of dollars. Though not quite. Jesse have a question do you. Jesse your ice. How did you learn could get him. She's saying she's and get to beds. I thank you darn thing about her job among amazingly good job a YouTube but they think thanks Christina. Are you guys have about the way I good night. Gordon Ramsay. And all the him.

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