Chef Ivy Stark Prepares Cinco de Mayo Tacos

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines join chef in making delicious Mexican food.
3:16 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Chef Ivy Stark Prepares Cinco de Mayo Tacos
-- second here helping us celebrate -- -- a little bit we have -- a mile without some food I don't know. It's only -- all the food. Now and it's all about tacos today. I just read a book about -- -- so I'm gonna help you guys make your own talk. I sat up but taco bar Rio and I have some warm on the handmade corn -- If you want to go for the let -- -- out. The opinion that a little bit less that I'm Marty rate -- -- minded thing to do have taken up like get rich creamy. Avocado from California and -- it. And they're just coming into -- season right now they're super delicious and I made a bacon lettuce and amino. -- -- -- -- -- Now so you can do anything like that it's just you know kind of fun so as some want to -- some different types of launchers they really cool. These are oyster mushrooms and I'm also grilled the fellows and the very common in Mexico. They're super meetings so if you're not a mediator or if you wanna just substitute. Meet. He is one of these mushrooms to -- -- not yet saying yeah she'll and that sort of scrutiny when labor I think happy ending you know Latin entering because whatever is happening over there element. This is tightness this Ice-T let me help you -- that nowadays all of it's a big platter. Well I was open it in -- yeah. I. Fact that this idea that today and this is -- a comment in Tucker marinas and Mexico. And we survey that does to -- us -- so yeah and it's just an -- that you make with little sugar water and the hi this -- leaves in its super delicious healthy also it has vitamin CE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- bite on it Buddha start -- but that as they got it back to our partners. Want out wow that's really good. It is gonna make us party. Red -- -- Wednesday evening. On the island -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Yes like and it's refreshing taste attacked -- with apparently -- -- -- and -- humanitarian hasn't even mild we go up and say hello to him I didn't is that an average. Time teammates as a celebration -- right now residents. -- -- -- -- Not dressed like Casey was that he felt the need and that's where a little -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- Your final -- -- just like they're right on thank you so much is not -- them. And -- go into more all of us here -- know yes I'd love that you get -- thinking that inhabit that way to left and all of you -- hey thanks for being here this morning. -- You can get good record even more -- the don't -- tackle cookbook out today. And so that's our show every 1 -- for watching eastern adjoining tomorrow at 9 AM eastern originate live yeah. Today.

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{"id":23590866,"title":"Chef Ivy Stark Prepares Cinco de Mayo Tacos","duration":"3:16","description":"Ginger Zee, Sara Haines join chef in making delicious Mexican food.","url":"/GMA/video/chef-ivy-stark-prepares-cinco-de-mayo-tacos-23590866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}