Chef Michael Regua Shares Antoine's Most-Popular Dishes

The New Orleans restaurant is celebrating its 175th anniversary,
3:43 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Chef Michael Regua Shares Antoine's Most-Popular Dishes
We're talking about antuan's, one of the country's oldest family run restaurants celebrating their 175th anniversary. This New Orleans establishment has survived the depression, hurricane Katrina, prohibition, still going strong thanks to Michael regua showing us how to make one of their most popular dishes. This is pompano. A gorgeous fish. It is. Pompano is a fish from the Florida gulf area and it's a real pretty fish. We actually leave the skin on it. Then you cook it skin up, you were telling me. Why? We cook it skin up. The reason why if you cook it skin down the skin would squeeze into the fish and it would make it bend so this way if you cook it with the skin up, after you cook, you turn it over, it plays flat. Hen when you serve it you keep the skin on. The skin is on. Skin on fish is really great so then when you turn it over you cook the rest of the way it actuallycoulds out great. The name. The pompano pontchartrain. We're seeing there -- Sauteed crab, white wine and shallots with salt and pepper. A great dish. Your piece of fish. What do you do if you can't find pompano at your store? We substitute it with drum. I've used maui maui and sometimes we use a salmon so we substitute with different types of fish. Oil on both sides and do seasons on both sides. Then you get it in the pan. How long does it cook? Depending on the thickness of the fish only a couple of minutes, maybe five, ten minutes on each side. The indicator make sure it looks white and flaky. Look at the skin. I mean the flavor and the texture of it is going to change. Okay. I want to take you over here. Because once it's cooked then we add some seasonings. Yes, we add seasonings to it. Crabmeat with onions and that and it has white wine in it then we take this fish, like I said in a pan. Skin up, great-looking fish. Yeah. And then we have these over here. After you put it in the pan we just turn these and see how pretty it looks. That looks so good. Don't worry, crew. There's enough for everybody. We have enough, we have enough. You also brought sides that your restaurant is famous for. We're famous for this and we have potato gratin. The end result because on your pompano you're serving the crabmeat on top. Crabmeat on top. It's like a seafood medley. Absolutely. Extraordinaire. Did you all know that your restaurant created oysters Rockefeller which I did not know? Yes, we did. And the creation was, you know, when we created this dish, the family did this and what it is, for the richness of the sauce. It's a really rich sauce so that's why we did it that way. Chef, I want to say we brought sides, the corn, your delicious potato dish and then the dessert. That is a baked Alaska. We actually -- what's good about the baked Alaska, we're proud of it is that you can take this and, you know, like with "Gma," we can make this special for any event. And I know you'll give us the recipe online but tell the truth. Is it -- because baked Alaska seems like a big challenge. No, it's not a big challenge. I mean after you learn how to use, you know, once you use the egg whites and that and learn how to make that, it's fine. You need a big knife to cut it. It's better than fine. It's delicious. I'll finish this off with tabasco. We'll finish it off on the commercial break and let the crew try it. Everybody, get the recipes, chef Michael's pomp no pontchartrain on our website, on Yahoo! Thank you, chef. Thank you. Continued success.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The New Orleans restaurant is celebrating its 175th anniversary,","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30061717","title":"Chef Michael Regua Shares Antoine's Most-Popular Dishes","url":"/GMA/video/chef-michael-regua-shares-antoines-popular-dishes-30061717"}