Who Is Paul Fronczak? Age-Progress Image Could Yield Clues

Artists draw stolen baby as he would look today, 49 years later.
2:42 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Who Is Paul Fronczak? Age-Progress Image Could Yield Clues
Now, to a decades' old mystery, the case of a baby stolen from his mother's arms in THE 1960s. And this morning, the exclusive breakthrough just now being revealed that could help solve the case. Abc's brian ross is in chicago with the latest development. Good morning, brian. Reporter: Good morning, robin. I'm in chicago in the hunt for that stolen baby. He would be a middle-aged man now. And as part of a special "20/20" report I'm working on with barbara walters, artists had created an image of what the stolen baby might look like today. This 49-year-old man may not know it. But he could help bring to an end a decades' long mystery, if he is alive, that is. It was 1964, at the michael reese hospital in chicago, that a 1-day-old baby was stolen out of his mother's arms by a woman posing as a nurse. Are there suspects here in chicago you're going to question? Reporter: The fronczaks thought their prayers were answered a year later. The boy in new jersey seemed to match their missing paul. They took him home, adopted him and raised them as their own. But as paul fronczak grew up, he thought he was different. And this year, dna tests proved him right. He was not the stolen baby. He's working with "20/20" and brad garrett, to find out who he really is. And what happened to paul fronczak stolen from his mother. Maybe he feels like something's wrong here. Reporter: With his help, abc news commissioned artists who work with police and families on missing persons cases, to produce a likeness of what the stolen baby might look like today. It is being seen this morning for the first time. Best-case scenario what do you think would happen when this is broadcast? Well, he's on his couch and sees it and gives you guys a call. Hope he recognizes himself in this. Reporter: Paul fronczak's hope is that the real or the other paul fronczak can be found and help solve the mystery and reunite the elderly parents who so lovingly raised him with the son stolen from them so long ago. This morning, the fbi has reopened its investigation into the case. A case that has brought more than its fair share of heartache to the fronczak family. And now, perhaps some hope. And our tip line is goodmorningamerica.Com for anybody who might recognize that image. Okay. They will come. Brian, thank you so much. To take a 1-day-old picture. Incredible. Time, now, for the weather.

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{"id":20303300,"title":"Who Is Paul Fronczak? Age-Progress Image Could Yield Clues","duration":"2:42","description":"Artists draw stolen baby as he would look today, 49 years later.","url":"/GMA/video/chicago-baby-stolen-birth-1964-paul-fronczak-age-20303300","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}