Chicago's Murder Rate Shows a Decline

Alex Perez reports the progress in city's fight against violent crime.
1:40 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for Chicago's Murder Rate Shows a Decline
They begin with a major turn of events in Chicago. It's city trying to shake its reputation for violent crime -- suddenly the murder rate there were showing a real decline ABC's Alex Perez has the story. After months of -- finally break on the streets of Chicago February ended with the least number of homicides this city has seen in six decades it's not victory. In any way shape or form but it certainly not failure. Chicago for Manning has -- -- -- war zone more than 500 murders -- 2012. The murders here got worldwide attention when fifteen year old -- Pendleton who was gunned down just a week after performing with their high school band. President Obama's inaugural festivities. The First Lady attended her funeral and the president -- visited Chicago to address the violence outgrow experts all say it's too early to call this decline in crime a trend but they are already looking at what may be helping. Like the police department's aggressive approach to get guns off the streets 11100 -- so far this year many from gun buyback programs. Also the 200 officers that were recently shifted from to astronauts to the city's violent hotspots. And many credit the communities themselves for standing up to violence. Community activist brother Michael Laker had spent decades fighting violence here. And started a basketball tournament for rival gang members that has inspired -- -- No shootings in his neighborhood improvements. Started six months ago I want to be optimistic and say I hope this is -- beginning of a turnaround. Turn around an entire city is hoping will last. We're Good Morning America Alex -- ABC news Chicago.

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{"id":18635753,"title":"Chicago's Murder Rate Shows a Decline","duration":"1:40","description":"Alex Perez reports the progress in city's fight against violent crime.","url":"/GMA/video/chicagos-murder-rate-shows-decline-18635753","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}