US Attorney Subpoenas Christie Campaign Documents

Federal investigators begin fishing for evidence in the New Jersey governor's scandal.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Attorney Subpoenas Christie Campaign Documents
To that huge headache that just will not go away for new Jersey governor Chris Christie. The so-called bridgegate scandal. Both Christie's re-election campaign and the committee subpoenaed asked to turn over documents as part of a federal investigation. And ABC's Jim Avila has the story. Reporter: This morning, newly hired lawyers for the Christie for governor re-election campaign and the New Jersey republican state committee confirmed they've been subpoenaed to supply documents to the feds. Sources tell ABC news the government subpoenas are designed to find any e-mails between the governor and his political guru bill Stephan. This part of an ongoing investigation for any possible evidence that might link Christie directly to the orders to close ft. Lee's access to the George Washington bridge four days last September. Before you decide what's a federal crime you want to find out who gave all the orders to whom and I think that it may connect to Christie. Reporter: Governor Christie and steppian guiding the preliminary Christie for president efforts broke their relationship two weeks ago when Christie asked him to resign. This after e-mails that showed the architect of both the successful campaigns for governor was mocking the mayor who was suffering from ft. Lee's traffic armageddon when he was told about it. Steppian and Christie are described as incredibly close. There's got to be so much bad news for him, a lot think he'll be lucky to stay as governor. Reporter: He took no questions from adults but was thrown a curve by one youngster who asked how he keeps things under control. Not so well sometimes. You could try to control everything but you can't. So sometimes things get out of control and what matters is how you fix it when it gets out of control. The federal subpoenas are to be answered with documents handed over within two weeks. The Christie campaign and the state republican committee lawyers say they will cooperate. Thank you.

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{"id":21649683,"title":"US Attorney Subpoenas Christie Campaign Documents","duration":"3:00","description":"Federal investigators begin fishing for evidence in the New Jersey governor's scandal.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-sandy-relief-funds-scandal-us-attorney-21649683","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}