Christopher Dorner Hostages: 'He Just Wanted to Clear His Name'

James and Karen Reynolds were held hostage by the ex-LAPD officer for 15 minutes.
2:25 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Christopher Dorner Hostages: 'He Just Wanted to Clear His Name'
the new revelations in the christopher dorner case. Police have closed the investigation. And the couple he took hostage in the final hours are speaking out for the first time. Abc's cecilia vega is on the scene at big bear lake with the latest. Good morning, cecilia. Reporter: George, good morning. The story this couple tells is downright chilling. They were held for 15 hours inside 1 of these houses. 15 minutes, excuse me. They say it felt like 15 hours. But the couple that crossed christopher dorner's path and survived, this morning there is relief. Overnight, the unassuming couple, the 53-year-old former cop held hostage spoke publicly about their harrowing ordeal. The moment you realized this was christopher dorner, what went through your mind? That we were dead. Really, it was pretty scary. Reporter: Karen and jim reynolds say they came face-to-face with dorner when they went to check on one of their ski lodge cabins around noon on tuesday. He was holed up inside. They say he was heavily armed. He tied their wrists and ankles. Even covered their heads with pillowcases. For 15 minutes, they lay on the floor of their cabin terrorized. Did at any time he talk to you about why he was doing what he was doing? He had said, I just want to clear my name. Reporter: The couple only managed to break free when dorn earp stole their car. The story fills in much of what police didn't know about his whereabouts, after he crashed his car and set it ablaze. The couple believes they could have been in their cabin since at least last friday. Burn the gas. Burn the gas. Burn it down. Reporter: Meantime, police said tear gas canisters may have started the fire they believe ultimately engulfed dorner. But not on purpose. We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get mr. Dorner out. Reporter: And 24 morning, we now know the name of dorner's final victim. San bernadino county sheriff's DEPUTY, jeremiah MacKay was killed in dorner's last shoot-out with police. The father of two, young children telling the associated press earlier this week, we're hoping this comes to a close without more casualties. And still no positive i.D. On that body pulled from the burned house two days ago. The authorities are awaiting forensic tests. If more from jim and karen reynolds and their harrowing

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{"id":18499010,"title":"Christopher Dorner Hostages: 'He Just Wanted to Clear His Name'","duration":"2:25","description":"James and Karen Reynolds were held hostage by the ex-LAPD officer for 15 minutes.","url":"/GMA/video/christopher-dorner-hostages-wanted-clear-18499010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}