Cleanse Expert Dr. Alejandro Junger on Your Body's Worst Enemies

Adviser to Gwyneth Paltrow outlines what foods to cut out to detoxify body.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Cleanse Expert Dr. Alejandro Junger on Your Body's Worst Enemies
Hi I'm -- can Nona and this is newsmakers from ABC news and Yahoo! News. Joining me now is doctor Alejandro -- a cardiologist and the author of two best sellers about a healthy living program he calls clean. -- doctor in her a lot of people may have heard -- -- -- celebrities mentioned you Gwyneth Paltrow meant to do in her -- to -- more fitness trainer Tracy Anderson. So what does it exclude. -- program done pretty solid reasoning has them talking about it. Well it was something excellent something gives you good results. You talk about where they -- celebrity or not. So those are just three people you mention. And there's a few more celebrities but there's thousands more -- here people that are not celebrities. Who do it can programming get such profound results. They go ahead and talk about it. You say that modern society. Is toxic to our bodies. What do you mean by that what are these toxins. The most of -- ones are. The ones that come being through the air you breathe the water you shower and drink. The medications you use. The cause many to use the cleaning products that you use for your house and also to painting to decorate. But mostly. To the chemicals that would who would in our food. We use. Coloring agents -- agents text to rising engines. Conserving agents preserving agents and then. Even to the cows and chickens we give them hormones and antibiotics and which -- sending the wrong way. So basically that translates into an older code of all of these toxins that end up -- -- street. From a people. Claims program. Can be -- be difficult. It is pretty restrictive I think for the average American. The clean program is no gluten which is weak -- spread that kind of thing no dairy no caffeine not even fruit. Do you really think that the average American can handle that can get through that. One of the most common -- that I communities wow he's much easier than I thought it would be I only had difficulty may -- in the in the first day. And and this -- my experience fifty years of medical practice. We take coffee in the mornings. Who pumped our dream knows and we can they function in the afternoon. We need to come and we drink alcohol and injuring the day when the -- of energy -- children or coffee again. And and things and that's we use authors and downers without even knowing. Does that drive him to do we. Cocaine and then and anxiety. And -- we -- ourselves -- -- And and -- tape won out. -- being kind of he's unstable. But when you take everything out. It's a shock to the system for a couple of days and then. -- -- We grew. So you have learned because it helps you to feel good to eat mostly healthy but do you have been keenly he'll. Is Barack candy bar or tips or an indulgence that you occasionally. Have so many keys he -- -- should have seven legs. He Dan Reid children are glued to it I love everything I am actually an addict and there are recovered. And sometimes and foreign. Back into the and about having scored there. -- -- -- -- and Steve do. Occasion. And I suffered a knee and -- its -- Wednesday. I get ET. I even smooth ride so so I know that that's going to happen. Thanks to do -- because. You know sometimes that food tastes so good. For whatever reason so -- so. Yes. You. Change. Hopefully by the end of the program -- -- two ways you never want to go back to what you were doing before. Nothing tastes as good -- feeding booed fields. And that's of people.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Adviser to Gwyneth Paltrow outlines what foods to cut out to detoxify body.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22460018","title":"Cleanse Expert Dr. Alejandro Junger on Your Body's Worst Enemies","url":"/GMA/video/cleanse-expert-dr-alejandro-junger-bodys-worst-enemies-22460018"}