Clemson Tigers Defeat Alabama in Epic Championship Game

Clemson ended Alabama's undefeated season with a winning touchdown in the last second.
2:24 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Clemson Tigers Defeat Alabama in Epic Championship Game
That's what it's about. Last night, everybody is tired because it was a game reason what a game it was. Yes, the Clemson tigers waking up happy this morning. Big smiles on their faces after beating Alabama in a dramatic championship rematch. Our own Jesse palmer was there for all that at Raymond James stadium. Good morning, man. Hey, Michael, good morning, brother. I'm here at the winning team's hotel, Clemson's hotel. It was crazy last night at Raymond James stadium. The Clemson tigers and Alabama cripplen tide squaring off for the second year in a row for the national championship and it all came down to those final seconds. Clemson tigers, new kings of college football. Reporter: Overnight, the making of a college football classic. Number 2 Clemson ending number 1 Alabama's perfect season in a showdown for the history books. It's finally coming home, baby. It's coming home. Reporter: The tigers clawing back. Beating the crimson tide 35-31. Touchdown. Reporter: Heisman tree fin winner runner-up Deshaun Watson connecting with Renn fwroe for the game-winning touchdown. I kind of just threw the ball and made sure he caught it. That's what he did. Something we worked on all year long. Perfect time to call it. Reporter: For much of the game it was a different story. All the way to the end zone, touchdown, 'bama. Reporter: The crimson tide dominating from the beginning rolling into the end zone for a 14-0 lead early on and showing off its tough defense. And he'll be sacked. Reporter: But it wasn't enough. The tigers came roaring back making Clemson the national champions for the first time since 1981. The team rushing the field celebrating with cartwheel, splits and some tears. Giving coach dabo swinney a Gatorade shower. Indescribable. I mean, I mean, you can't make it up. I said tonight we're going to win it because we love each other, man, just so thankful and blessed and just doesn't even seem real to me. And it goes without saying the Clemson tigers so excited. We'll hear from some of the winners plus the surprise star on the field that wasn't even one of the players, guys. What are you talking about? What could you be referring to? You were hoping for a penalty because then you could see it. What a great game. Thank you, Jesse and let's go back to ginger. What you got?

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Clemson ended Alabama's undefeated season with a winning touchdown in the last second.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44673130","title":"Clemson Tigers Defeat Alabama in Epic Championship Game","url":"/GMA/video/clemson-tigers-defeat-alabama-epic-championship-game-44673130"}