Clinton and Sanders Fighting It Out for New York Votes

The two are battling over who is more "New York" as the presidential race comes to the Empire State.
2:27 | 04/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton and Sanders Fighting It Out for New York Votes
Hillary Clinton and Bernie sanders ramping up the attacks ahead of New York's primary. Some harsh words on both sides over who is and is not qualified to be in the oval office and ABC's Mary Bruce is here with more. Mary, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning. This is Bernie sanders' home turf born and raised here but it's also Hillary Clinton's adopted home state and the candidates are battling to prove who is more New York. A homecoming for Bernie sanders. The Brooklyn native rallying supporters on the street where he grew up. Thank you all for coming out to my old neighborhood. Reporter: With a big contest here just ten days away, the democratic candidates are in a New York brawl for the 247 delegates at stake. The like the meat. Reporter: Hillary Clinton is also reminiscing remembering her time as a New York senator and the good grub during a trip to Buffalo. I ate more chicken wings and beef on wet than I can remember. Hope to get some before I leave. Reporter: And on "The view" sanders passing a key test proving he eats pizza like a true new Yorker. Now, show us how it's done. Are you ready? Yes. Reporter: After one of the nastiest weeks of the campaign, the candidates seem to be dialing it back. You may have heard senator sanders say I'm unqualified to be president. Well, seriously -- Reporter: Clinton says sanders is qualified to be president. I will take Bernie sanders over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz any time. Reporter: Sanders agrees, he will support Clinton if she's the nominee. Now, despite how important new York is to this race, sanders will be heading overseas next week, Cecilia. He's received an invitation to the Vatican. No word yet, though, on whether he'll be meeting with pope Francis. And some controversy over whether he really got that invitation or not. I was with him yesterday when he was walking through his old neighborhood in Brooklyn, and he really wavered on whether he said Hillary Clinton was qualified to be president saying she was actually qualified and unqualified both in the same answer. This race, you know, is more nastier than ever, Mary. And now Bernie sanders talking about the possibility of a contested convention on this side too. That's right. If Hillary Clinton fails to get a majority of those pledge delegates before the convention, the sanders campaign says he will, quote, 100% challenge her for the nomination, even if Hillary Clinton has more votes. Rough on both sides.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"The two are battling over who is more \"New York\" as the presidential race comes to the Empire State.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38271383","title":"Clinton and Sanders Fighting It Out for New York Votes","url":"/GMA/video/clinton-sanders-fighting-york-votes-38271383"}