Coast Guard Rescues Man in Bubble

Reza Balucchi was 70 miles off the coast of Florida when he signaled for help.
3:20 | 10/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coast Guard Rescues Man in Bubble
All right, so this is admittedly a bit of a weird one this. Is a coast guard rescue caught on camera. The guy they were helping was in a giant inflatable bubble. We're laughing but we shouldn't be but we can't help it. No, we should be laughing. He had big plans for his voyage but you might say his bubble, yeah, it was burst. Pedro with our sister network fusion has the story from Miami beach, Florida. Good morning, Pedro. Reporter: Hey, Dan, hey, Paula. Good morning, so ressa has been breaking records for deck indicates. His latest stunt this past week has really started up big waves. Take a look. You can either stop your voyage and come back to shore or you can choose to continue on your trip but the coast guard cutter will be leaving. Reporter: Listen to this dramatic 911 call. The coast guard warning the man operating this inflatable bubble of rough waters ahead. If you run into trouble there's no guarantee that we are going to be able to get to you in time or even find you. Okay. I'm continuing to go. Reporter: 42-year-old ressa baluchi refusing help on his one-man mission this contraption called a hydropod. Like a hamster inside a wheel. The world class athlete planned to walk on water more than 1,000 miles from Miami to bermuda making him a real-life bubble boy. But he ran out of steam early Saturday morning, signaling the coast guard for help three days after its initial warning. Watch this incredible video. The coast guard lifting him to safety. For this case because it was so complex we elected to launch a helicopter and patrol aircraft. Reporter: The crew locating him 70 nautical miles off the coast of St. Augustine surviving only on protein balls, bottled wears and satellite phone exhausting himself and his resources. We lower manhattaned the rescue basket and picked up first Mr. Balucci into the cabin of the helicopter and recovered a rescue swimmer from the ocean below. Reporter: This wasn't his first time behind the wheel of the bubble claiming successful 30-mile jump fry in Newport beach, California, to Catalina island earlier this year. ABC news reached out to him for comment and did not hear back. But like the Hollywood version, this real-life bubble boy also lives to burst another day. I made it! Reporter: All right. So believe it or not once the paramedics woke him up he kept asking for directions to bermuda and the good news is he's doing just fine and he will probably be thinking -- I know -- and he will probably be thinking of new ways to break records in the near future. Dan, Paula. I'm glad he's doing well and I admire his persistence. Is the coast guard going to send him a bill for the rescue? That was a lot of resources used up to rescue that guy. Only 930 miles to go. A training run for him. Pedro, thank you. You can catch Pedro on our sister network fusion. Big thanks to Pedro. Does look fun. It does look fun. For like maybe an hour in a pool. Maybe 15 minutes.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Reza Balucchi was 70 miles off the coast of Florida when he signaled for help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25974747","title":"Coast Guard Rescues Man in Bubble","url":"/GMA/video/coast-guard-rescues-man-bubble-25974747"}