Coldplay Announces Hiatus; Grumpy People 'Study'

The Muppets' Pepe joins Lara for a Hot and Spicy edition of "GMA's" Pop News Heat Index.
1:52 | 11/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coldplay Announces Hiatus; Grumpy People 'Study'
Yeah. Should we get started with "pop news" and see if we can get through this? Oh, you're popping already. Let's do it, everybody. And we begin with coldplay. Say it ain't so. At a show in brisbane, frontman, chris martin, told the audience this will be their last big show for three years. They went out with a bang. The show had fireworks, giant inflatable balls, glowing lights and lasers. If you're a big coldplay fan, as I know I am, there are three more shows at the end of the year before they go. So, you have to -- do you have a follow-up already, sam? Do the -- were the butterflies okay? No butterflies were okay in the show. Coldplay. Yes. They do have three more shows. One in connecticut. And two in brooklyn. Are you ready to pop again? Yeah. Let's pop. We're all morning people here, whether we like it or not. We have to be up remarkably early. Can I help you? I'm just reading the copy. That's not the copy. Eyes up. Then, I'm looking at your legs. A new study out of britain says at least 50% of people, men and women alike, can't bear talking to anyone for at least an hour and 15 minutes from the time they wake up. 21% even ignore their kids. Not to worry, though. Half of the grumpy morning people -- go on. Half of the people surveyed say they become nicer -- after they've had a cup of coffee. I think it depends on who you wake up next to. I'm sure that plays a part.

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{"id":17817280,"title":"Coldplay Announces Hiatus; Grumpy People 'Study'","duration":"1:52","description":"The Muppets' Pepe joins Lara for a Hot and Spicy edition of \"GMA's\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/coldplay-announces-year-break-grumpy-people-study-uk-17817280","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}