Colin Kaepernick Discusses National Anthem Protest

The football star talked about his own personal fight with racial injustice and the work he's doing off the field to help children.
2:32 | 10/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colin Kaepernick Discusses National Anthem Protest
As you know, the football star Colin Kaepernick is sparking a lot of controversy and conversation with his protest of the national anthem. And he's speaking out with the work he's doing off the field to help kids. The 49ers have no game this week. It's their off win. Colin Kaepernick has what he calls a no your rights for children and he talked about his commitment to social issues and his continuing personal protest. In an interview with ESPN's the undefeated. Colin Kaepernick opening up about his refusal to stand during the national anthem. It was something that was really just a personal decision where, you know, I didn't agree with what was going on. Kaepernick who took over as the starting quarterback for the 49ers just two weeks ago, making headlines and coming under criticism from some quarters when he began his protest during preseason. Not surprised by the backlash. Part of the oppressive system is you're going to have that backlash for trying to fight for people. And that was something I was fully prepared for. Now Kaepernick is hosting the first ever "Know your rights camp for underprivileged children in the bay area. Taking his drive for social and racial justice beyond the gridiron. This might not be something I personally can create the change that this system needs. But together we can build this and help organize and create the change that we need. About 100 children attended the sessions where they were counseled on nonsports related topics as how to handle interactions with police and maintaining healthy lifestyle sgls we want to bridge that gain and try to help them advance in life so it's not something that is related to football. Football just allows a platform to have conversations on a greater extent about these issues. And Kaepernick is having a pretty bad year on the field this year and the 49ers suffering through a terrible season but he says what's more important to him is what he does off the field like what he sponsored this week. He took heat at the beginning. People say you can do this but what are you actually going to do about that and we're seeing he's being an advocate. It has been for quite a while. Thanks. You're welcome.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"The football star talked about his own personal fight with racial injustice and the work he's doing off the field to help children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43172050","title":"Colin Kaepernick Discusses National Anthem Protest","url":"/GMA/video/colin-kaepernick-discusses-national-anthem-protest-43172050"}