Ex-College Football Star Found Dead in Woods

Former Grand Valley State Quarterback Cullen Finnerty had vanished on a spontaneous fishing trip.
2:21 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Ex-College Football Star Found Dead in Woods
To that baffling mystery about the former star quarterback found dead after he went fishing in the woods. The circumstances surrounding his death puzzling investigators right now. Abc's linsey davis has the Good morning, linsey. Good morning, robin. The autopsy will likely be key here in determining what caused the death of one of the winningest quarterbacks in college football history. Cullen finnerty's family say the last time they heard from him on the phone they suspected he might be having some kind of a mental episode. This morning a michigan family is desperate for answers, cullen finnerty, the former star quarterback of michigan's grand valley state university, was found dead in the woods near his family's cottage in northern michigan tuesday night. We could tell that there was a body over there and I was pointing it out and another girl walked up and said, I found him. I found hill and then immediately there was another gentleman who was like, oh, no. I'm like, yeah, oh, no. Reporter: The 30-year-old was spending memorial day weekend with his family. Police say relatives dropped him off near the baldwin river so he could go fishing alone. But sunday night police say finnerty called had is wife around 10:30 and expressed concern about being on the river. That he was uncomfortable with his surroundings adding that he was getting off the river and things went downhill from there. That was the last time anyone heard from him. He was somewhat concealed from the air from our chopper search earlier because he was underneath the heavy foliage of a pine tree. Reporter: Finnerty, who left grand valley state university with the most wins in ncaa history, is now mourned by the coaches and players who helped search the two square miles of this dense swampy forest looking for him. I even told his dad, I said, you know me, I'm lucky, I'm going to find him, I'm going to bring him out. Reporter: Jim shaap who once coached him wants everyone to remember him as -- a father, a friend, just a quality, quality person. Reporter: Police have ruled out a heart attack but here's the interesting part because finnerty suffers if concussions during his football career, police and family believe brain injury could possibly have something to do with his death. I know a lot of people were wondering that because that does happen from time to time. Thinking of his family and coaches and teammates. And so mysterious. Thank you very much, linsey.

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{"id":19286286,"title":"Ex-College Football Star Found Dead in Woods","duration":"2:21","description":"Former Grand Valley State Quarterback Cullen Finnerty had vanished on a spontaneous fishing trip.","url":"/GMA/video/college-football-star-cullen-finnerty-found-dead-woods-19286286","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}