Children Airlifted to Safety Amid Colorado Floods

Fifth-graders on field trip in the mountains were stranded until helicopters were able to land.
2:00 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Children Airlifted to Safety Amid Colorado Floods
Stay safe. We're hearing so many incredible stories of life-saving rescues like the large group of school children rescued. They had to be airlifted to safety. Clayton sandell has their story. Good morning, clayton. Reporter: Good morning, robin. These kids and their chaperones found themselves trapped in the mountains. Scary for the kids and their parents, cut off from their children at the worst possible moment. A terrifying education in natural disasters. 85 fifth graders and 15 adults were in the mountains on a school trip when the downpours kicked in. Everything was flooding. The trails were turning into rivers. A lot of people were like, i really want to go home. Reporter: The road to camp was swept away. They said we have enough food, water, we're okay. What they really meant was, we are stranded on a mountain with no way of getting out. Reporter: The adults say the kids looked out for each other. It was kind of cool to see their friends rally around them. And be like, hey, talk to me. What is going on? I'm here for you. Reporter: Back if louisville, frantic parents were desperate for news. There wasn't a lot of information coming out. That was the hardest part. Reporter: National guard helicopters were able to land after three days, flying the kids to safety. And to emotional reunions like this one, when bonnie's daughter mikayla came home. She got off the bus and i grabbed her. And the second bus. Her bus. She came off on the first bus. I have never been so happy. Reporter: This morning, all those kids and chaperones, everybody is fine. Today, thousands of school kids will be staying home. Thank you, clayton. Now to the latest on the crisis in syria and whether this weekend's proe tenl pi grotentially ground

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{"id":20266110,"title":"Children Airlifted to Safety Amid Colorado Floods","duration":"2:00","description":"Fifth-graders on field trip in the mountains were stranded until helicopters were able to land.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-flooding-children-airlifted-safety-amid-colorado-floods-20266110","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}