Controversial Ad Campaign Asks: Are You Beach-Body Ready?

The Protein World advertisement received serious backlash for what some described as "body shaming" women.
3:52 | 04/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Controversial Ad Campaign Asks: Are You Beach-Body Ready?
the weight loss ad sparking global backlash. A model in a bikini with these words, are you beach body ready? So many people are protesting the ad. Some of you are showing us how you're "Gma" body proud. Paula Faris is here with more. Pau Paula? Reporter: Lara, these ladies making a statement. That ad is not going over well. Some people not just calling for its removal. They're organizing weekend protests. The goal is for everyone to accept that beauty and fitness come in all shapes and sizes. This morning, this bigger than life advertisement for a weight loss shake is sparking an even bigger outrage. Asking women in big bold letters, are you beach body ready? Women calling the ad campaign sexist and body shaming. Taking to social media with the viral #eachbody'sready. I think fitness and health comes in more than one shape and size. You can't kind of insinuate there's only one accepted body shape. It's ridiculous. ? Reporter: This backlash is reminiscent of the fire storm after Victoria's secret launched the perfect body campaign, starring some of their famous angels. The goal is to get them is to change. Reporter: This morning, the petition has been signed by more than 56,000 people. In London, a protest is in the work. Spearheaded by those two plogers, who posted a photo of themselves in bikinis next to the ad with the caption, we're beach body ready, exactly as we are. Something to be celebrated. Reporter: Blogger and mom of three Rachel was shocked by the outporing of support after posting this photo showing her post baby stretch marks front and center. In just an hour, the picture got 1,000 likes. We're shifting the perception of what a beautiful woman looks like. Reporter: And model Chrissy Teigen getting props after showing off her very real stretch marks and vowing not to photo-shop them away. Society is taking a turn. Women are trying to embrace who they are the way they are. Reporter: And that controversial ad is coming down this morning. The company is standing by the campaign and saying it's not coming down because of the the backlash. Simply because the ad campaign expired. Love your lines. I love it. We're launches "gma"'s brand-new campaign this morning. #Gmabodyproud. To celebrate real bodies. We're here with women doing just that. Taking a stand for positive body image. They've chosen to show the way real people look. Wearing their own suits right here in times square. Thank you, ladies. I want to ask you, why did you want to be a part of this? As a mom of a 14-year-old son, I do have stretch marks and excess skin. I have an amazing body. I'm proud of it. Yes, you do. Today is gmabodyproud day. No matter what, every day, you should be proud of your body. Because so many people, you know, have stretch marks or -- We are who we are. You're beautiful. You look amazing. You're all beautiful. And brave. Love these ladies. This is the hashtag. Gmabo gmabodyproud. Everybody can join the movement. Tweet us your photos. Robin, back to you.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The Protein World advertisement received serious backlash for what some described as \"body shaming\" women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30671258","title":"Controversial Ad Campaign Asks: Are You Beach-Body Ready?","url":"/GMA/video/controversial-ad-campaign-asks-beach-body-ready-30671258"}