Trying out convenient Thanksgiving meals

You don't have to be a gourmet chef to host Thanksgiving dinner with these hassle-free options.
3:54 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Trying out convenient Thanksgiving meals
What have you done here? Temptation. Thanksgiving temptation. Thanksgiving is just a week away. But don't panic. Did someone just do a gobble gobble with a sound effect? Come on. We have an easy option to help get your family's holiday feast on the table. Many retailers from whole foods to Walmart are selling prepared foods to serve on Turkey day. You're back to this. Do tell. This is exciting. Meals from a variety of stores and want to save time, right? Wetsat down with the grant family who showed us what they liked the best and whether these foods were convenient and whether they had enough for feeding your whole entire family on Turkey day. 'Tis the season for ready made Thanksgiving meals, some even deliver. So "Gma" asked three generations of the grant family, grandma upon Bonnie, mom Donna and granddaughter Ariana to to have a cook-off. We bake the Turkey ahead for like a week and it's a lot of work. Reporter: The stores on our list, fresh direct, the largest online grocery delivery company, whole foods now part of retail giant Amazon and Walmart, the largest traditional grocer. We called fresh direct and whole food, each providing us prepared meals for eight people ahead of the holiday. Each comes with Turkey, whole foods' ten pounds fresh direct 12 to 14 pounds and she side, stuffing, gravy, green bean, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Walmart doesn't carry prepared foods but bought the fixings at their lowest prices. First up, fresh direct's medium Thanksgiving meal for $159 plus delivery fee. Preheat oven. Reporter: The instructions say it takes two hours, 40 minutes to cook. Nice and warm in there. Okay. Here we go. Reporter: Cooking time accurate. It looks homemade. Reporter: Joining our feast Kate Taylor for "Business insider." It's very juicy. Yeah. Very juicy. If they sold just the Turkey like that I would buy it every year. Reporter: Next their classic roasted Turkey for 119.99. You do pick it up in store and says the entire dinner can be on your table in as little as two hours. Faster than fresh direct. ??? Turkey is ready. It looks gorgeous. Dinner is ready. Reporter: Again, cooking time is accurate but how does it taste? I like this. It seems for this one the sides are more flavorful. Reporter: The grant family's choice. I would want the Turkey from fresh direct and sides from whole foods. Some people are a little intimidated when they don't know if they'll get enough food. That's one of the top things people are worried about. Reporter: Both beginners served more than enough food. How about this? So good. Reporter: For a sprarable meal at Walmart you have to prep the Turkey and Mac the stuffing but total bill, only $44 including a 15-pound Turkey. And Walmart's revamped app lets you order and schedule pickup online and meets you with the bags at your car. Everyone is really, really into convenience right now and that's kind of changing how we look at Thanksgiving. And, robin is taste testing. Walmart from here as well as whole foods. That looks good. Whole food, you can order it but pick it up it your local store. With fresh direct you'll pay a delivery fee of about $6 to $8. $30 minimum. What did the grants decide to do? The momma, Dana says she's going to stick to her traditional recipes but grandma Bonnie says these are a life saver. Go get them now. Sounds like grandma. Yeah. Okay. As long as the cranberry came with the ridges --

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{"id":51187092,"title":"Trying out convenient Thanksgiving meals ","duration":"3:54","description":"You don't have to be a gourmet chef to host Thanksgiving dinner with these hassle-free options. ","url":"/GMA/video/convenient-thanksgiving-meals-51187092","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}