Cory Monteith Found Dead in Hotel Room

The star from the popular show "Glee" was found dead in Vancouver.
2:43 | 07/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cory Monteith Found Dead in Hotel Room
Out to wait another story that is breaking overnight a star the popular show good -- found dead in his hotel room and Vancouver. The body of Korea Monti who played the character Finn was. Found by the hotel staff -- -- in -- stunning co stars and fans ABC's Lindsay Janice is in Los Angeles with this developing story -- Paula as you can imagine there's just an outpouring of grief right now from friends and family on line -- one of the latest tweets is from singer Taylor Swift. Who dated Montes she says it speechless. And for the worse treason. Me. And why you. Corey Monti who played the football hero turns singing heartthrob Finn Hudson in the fox -- -- -- found dead in the Vancouver hotel room Saturday at the age of 31. Staff became worried -- -- failed -- check out on time and found the star's body unresponsive in his room. The deceased has been identified as 31 year old. Actor Corey -- -- who achieved great -- on the popular TV series glee. Vancouver police said the cause of death was not immediately apparent but the star was clearly deceased when paramedics arrived they've ruled out foul play. Surveillance cameras show the star entering his hotel room alone in the early hours of Saturday morning. -- anywhere from -- had always been open about his lifelong battle with substance abuse which he said started with drugs at the age of thirteen. The actor voluntarily checked himself into a treatment center back in April it was his second time in rehab. There's been flooded with an outpouring of support and love for the late star tweets from co stars like mark sailing who played one of -- best friends puck on glee. Simply wrote the word no Kristin Chenoweth who also appeared on the show writes all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Montes was famously involved on screen and off with actress lea Michelle the two are working on the fifth season of Greek. And Monty is survived by his parents an older brother the reaction is just pouring in as Hollywood starts waking up to this news. The star's representative tells us that we are in shock and mourning this tragic clocks pollen down. Lindsay Janice thank you such a long struggled with gaining at age thirteen really sad and sad that he had just recently checked himself into U. The credit for substance abuse so he was trying to get help --

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{"id":19661059,"title":"Cory Monteith Found Dead in Hotel Room","duration":"2:43","description":"The star from the popular show \"Glee\" was found dead in Vancouver.","url":"/GMA/video/cory-monteith-found-dead-hotel-room-19661059","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}