Couple who traveled the world said it deepened their relationship

Experts say one couple's decision to travel abroad for 100 days improved their relationship by experiencing new things together.
4:28 | 09/21/17

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Transcript for Couple who traveled the world said it deepened their relationship
We're going to turn now to a couple taking the ultimate risk to save their relationship. Could quitting your job leaving behind your routine and traveling the globe be the secret to getting back that spark, if you will? They sure gave it a try. ??? Kyle James and Ashley Grigsby living in North Carolina are happy now. But not long ago they were struggling to find the fun in their life. We got really wrapped up in those routines and we needed a change. Reporter: So instead of letting their routines get the best of them they decided to take drastic action. Taking a leap of faith. And booking one way tickets to Paris in 2015 embarking on a trip that would profoundly change their lives. We saved every dollar we could get our hands on knowing that we were going to be in Italy and Greece and Thailand and all these places. Reporter: 15 countries, 38 cities, 114 days. Kyle turning their experience into a book called "Not afraid of the fall." Every single one of those cities we took something from it. Our journey, it was one of those where you go through experience like this and, again, you sick or you float and we came out stronger than ever. Reporter: In one study researchers found the couple's experienced increased relationship quality. When they tried something new. Getting out of their comfort zone. Traveling can be wonderful but it can be be stressful. You get to see someone through their best times and also their worst. All of these things are clues about not just your partnership but about your partner. Reporter: As for Kyle and Ashley they're excited for their next adventure. Getting married. We're hoping to do some traveling before. Some traveling after. Some traveling hopefully long after that. Good for them and we have relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson with us. A lot would love to do that but can't take off, quit their jobs. What are other things realistic things people can do to try to strengthen or find that spark again. I would love to do that. To be honest with you. I was looking at that. So cool. So cool, right? One thing we all have to remember is that if you're in a relationship it's either growing or it's dying. Ooh. So, yes. Aggressive. There's no in between so what we have to do is remember that we always want to experience new things. Learn a new dance, a new language, experience new things and that's what Kyle and Ashley did. We have taken two people from the audience going to experience something new and do it on TV. You say a lot of the travel that they did is all about trust. A trust fall is a good way to help. Lara, this is T this is it right for you. Trust -- This might be it. If you don't have trust you don't have a relationship. So let's see if they have a relationship. Okay. Let's go. Just fall back. We're here for you. Go ahead. Time to fall back. Trust him. Ready? Yes. Whoo. No, no, no. Keep on with the blindfold. You stay take it a step further? We have to take it a step further. Communication is everything so you have to communicate to exchange ideas and that's what allows you to stay together. So, for example, we've done the trust fall. You're blindfolded and you're suggesting to them try taking -- trusting someone to guide you. Guide her to sit on the chair. I'll try my bet. Poor anetta. Guy, come on. So -- Without touching. Words. I'm actually nervous for you, anetta. Forward, another one, another one, you can do a few big steps. Okay. Stop. Okay, back a wee bit. Okay, turn to your right. Turn and back it in. To your right. To your right. Oop. With the -- turn a little to your right and twist and sit. Oh, okay. A trusting partner. And activities like this can really help. Absolutely. Activities like this will strengthen and keep your relationship sdmroefr okay, grab your blindfold, everybody. Thank you, guys, for trusting. Thank you so much.

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{"id":49991602,"title":"Couple who traveled the world said it deepened their relationship","duration":"4:28","description":"Experts say one couple's decision to travel abroad for 100 days improved their relationship by experiencing new things together.","url":"/GMA/video/couple-leaves-work-travel-world-strengthens-relationship-49991602","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}