Crackland: Inside the Shanty Towns of Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian police launch war to uproot violent drug gangs before World Cup, Olympics
3:01 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crackland: Inside the Shanty Towns of Rio de Janeiro
Just minutes from -- beaches with names like Copacabana and even -- -- there are massive shantytown called the Dallas. Most of which are effectively ruled by violent drug -- all right. This is an open ear marked. And this is his best seller this is an odd American dollars of them and -- defense -- the best -- complete with piles of color including drugs. I mean. Blows the mind. Conveniently. In his place where we're selling drugs. Hopefully these athletes television -- and I -- fans. Business here and this season -- don't know. Is what's known as a crackling. It's amazing it is no. Fear of the police it's -- program public. In another crack land this one the -- of an entire city block that it's here we found these sixteen year old crack at it. We wanted to go to the source of this misery the drug -- hands. In a tiny room down a back Alley we scored a very rare interview we -- a drug lord. Draped in gold in carrying a semi automatic rifle he demanded we conceal his identity -- how serious the crack epidemic is here. You Wear helmets -- Lou Brock. This season then he surprised us with the question of his own yeah -- it was. I took a moment to absorb this comment and then the drug lord started -- Is there -- The other -- Now as real prepares to host millions of sports fans. Police have launched a ward off route three games. But this urban counterinsurgency. Campaign he's massively controversial. As of Rio's police have a long history of brutality and corruption. Just look at this video of a police helicopter. Firing wildly in the middle of a neighborhood while in pursuit of a drug war. As the man in charge of the police. Can you say -- any confidence that this kind of indiscriminate. Violence. Perpetrated by your man is not happening -- -- -- -- -- -- It feels a bit -- so easily so he's what adjectives used to bustling new stadium marking the -- that. We need this young woman whose mother and grandmother had been shot dead just a day earlier by police on a raid. This is cell phone video of the -- With the clock ticking down to the World Cup and the Olympics. It's clear that millions of innocent people in Rio don't trust either side in this battle and are simply marooned in the crossfire. Of a war that is not likely to and anytime soon. Dan Harris ABC news --

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{"id":20586133,"title":"Crackland: Inside the Shanty Towns of Rio de Janeiro","duration":"3:01","description":"Brazilian police launch war to uproot violent drug gangs before World Cup, Olympics","url":"/GMA/video/crackland-inside-shanty-towns-rio-de-janeiro-20586133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}