Criegh Deeds Stabbed by Son, Hospitalized

State police suspect the state senator was the victim of an attempted murder-suicide.
2:09 | 11/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Criegh Deeds Stabbed by Son, Hospitalized
We're going to turn to the virginia politician recovering after a brutal stabbing from his own son. The young man killed himself, after stabbing his father. He had been dealing with mental health problems but had been released from the hospital. Apparently there weren't enough beds available. Abc's jim avila has the story. Reporter: The 55-year-old high-profile politician and father, who campaigned with presidents obama and clinton, appears to be the intended victim. And his 24-year-old son, gus, the troubled attempted murderer, who in the end, killed himself unexpectedly. Authorities believe an early-morning fight in this remote western virginia mountaintop home, left the father and son battling for life. Deeds and his son, gus, were the only two in the house. It started outside. I'm not sure anything happened inside, as far as the altercation. Reporter: The elder deeds was stabbed multiple times in the head and chest. His son still alive when authorities arrived, had been shot. State police saying today, it looks like the gunshot was self-inflicted. No problem at all with gus. He's a supernice kid. Never violent? No. A-plus student. He was a top-notch student. Reporter: Gus deeds was close to his father. Even quit school temporarily to help with his dad's campaign for governor. But this fall, things seemed to fall apart. Gus dropped out of college. And according to reports in the richmond paper, was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital just monday for evaluation. "The richmond times dispatch," quoted a personal health official saying the boy wasn't kept in custody because there were no beds for him in the entire western part of virginia. We're looking into this as an attempted murder and suicide. Reporter: Sheriff's detectives say the crime scene behind this yellow tape and up that driveway at the house, is both extensive and widespread. As for senator deeds, he remains in the hospital and now in fair condition. Police here say they will not comment anymore about the motive in this case. They'll only say that the son, gus, is the only one involved. Robin? Incredibly sad. Jim, thank you.

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{"id":20947794,"title":"Criegh Deeds Stabbed by Son, Hospitalized","duration":"2:09","description":"State police suspect the state senator was the victim of an attempted murder-suicide.","url":"/GMA/video/criegh-deeds-stabbed-son-attempted-murder-suicide-plot-20947794","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}