Cruise Ship Passengers Trapped in Antarctic Rescued

All stranded passengers have been air lifted to safety.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Ship Passengers Trapped in Antarctic Rescued
We also have some breaking news for you this morning. Dramatic rescue halfway around the world, the 52 passengers who were stranded on a ship in antarctica, all have been air-lifted to safety just a short while ago. Abc's alex marquardt has all of the details. Alex, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, amy. That's right. We learned that moments ago, 52 scientists and tourists were air-lifted out. Taken out by helicopter. And after a week and a half stuck in that ice, they say they're relieved to finally be going home. This morning, the clear, blue skies the rescue teams have been waiting for. This was the moment the stranded passengers realized their ordeal was almost over. A helicopter from a chinese ice breaker, testing the landing pad the passengers had stomped in the snow. If all goes well, we'll be off in about an hour's time. Reporter: Expedition leader, professor chris turney had been posting throughout. And soon confirmed the rescue was on the way. The helicopter that's come to take us home. Thanks, everyone. Reporter: Then, a second, carrying another 12 passengers out. There were expected to be seven trips in all, flying passengers and gear to an ice flow next to the australian ice breaker that will take them out. Then, a tweet from turney. We made it to the "aurora australis" safe and sound. Inpenetrable arctic ice, and thick fog, had stopped three ice breakers from reaching the stranded ship. Over the past ten days they were never in any real danger. With plenty of supplies and good cheer, on full display in this new year's video. ♪ Ice cold, cha, cha, cha ♪ Reporter: They'll have more downtime. It will take until about mid-january to get to the island of tasmania, from which they will finally fly home. As for the stranded ship, its crew is staying with it until it breaks free. And since they aren't in any real danger. David? Remarkable good spirits through the whole thing. Alex marquardt, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"All stranded passengers have been air lifted to safety.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21396171","title":"Cruise Ship Passengers Trapped in Antarctic Rescued","url":"/GMA/video/cruise-ship-passengers-trapped-antarctic-rescued-21396171"}