Australian Icebreaker Rescue Attempts Halted by Weather

Cruise ship has been trapped in Antarctic ice since Christmas morning.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Australian Icebreaker Rescue Attempts Halted by Weather
We have new detail overnight about the australian ice-breaker trying to make its way to free a ship trapped in the ant ararctic for a week now. Gio benitez is here with the latest. Reporter: Good morning to you, amy. That ship trapped in ice since christmas morning. Hours ago, we learned that that ice breaker has failed to rescue the passengers. At least for now. This morning, 74 passengers on board the stranded ship have no idea if an ice breaker sent to free it will ever get there. The powerful aurora australis had high hopes of getting to the trapped ship. It was ten miles away when it haed to turn around. No visibility. As soon as the weather rs, they'll probably have a t another go. Reporter: The rescue leader specking to us moments ago from the stranded ship. About ten days or so of fresh food. They're on dehydrated rations. We have got the aurora within a helicopter ride. They could drop some supplies. Reporter: Even as a chinese ice breaker failed to tear through the ice and another couldn't gelt past the edge, they're sending messages of hope home. Just saying hi, we're going to be a little bit late. Reporter: While this ice break sir stronger than the others, the ice could be as thick as 13 feet. The captain speaking to reporters. We're going to see if we can break them out. We'll see how much ice is pressured up. Our ability to get through it. Reporter: Before the ship got stuck in the ice in the middle of the blizzard, the explorers were on a tour of historic sights in antarctica. Now it's a rescue mission. We're hoping tomorrow or the day after they'll be able to have a crack at getting to us. Reporter: Let's hope they do. If they australian ice breaker can't make it through, everyone on board that stranded ship will have to abandon it and be air-lifted to safety. One of the things they said they were most worried about is running out of coffee. We know all about that. We need coffee all across

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{"id":21366938,"title":"Australian Icebreaker Rescue Attempts Halted by Weather","duration":"3:00","description":"Cruise ship has been trapped in Antarctic ice since Christmas morning.","url":"/GMA/video/cruise-ship-trapped-antarctic-ice-australian-icebreaker-rescue-21366938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}