Cuddling Professional Criticized for Business

A woman sells snuggle time to complete strangers.
2:54 | 04/28/13

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Transcript for Cuddling Professional Criticized for Business
They say everybody needs a hug now and then. Mary and the gang. Harry and the girls. Joey and chandler. Can you hug me? Reporter: But jackie samuels has taken this fundamental need to a whole new level. What do you do? I cuddle. Reporter: You couldle? Yes. Professional cuddle? Her business based in rochester, new york, for 300 bucks she snuggles for an hour. What are the boundaries. No touching or kissing. Reporter: She claims her business yields tangible benefits. Human touch releases something called oxytocin the happiness hormone in our brain. We're not acknowledging that we have a basic need to be touched and touch others. Reporter: For her customers vary. Some might surprise you. They range from 20 up to 85. There are people from construction workers to doctors, to financial consultants. Reporter: Everybody's probably unmarried I would imagine. I have married clients. Reporter: Really? Who says my wife doesn't like to cuddle. Reporter: He's among the clients. He argues that it fulfills a basic need. I think everyone can use more affection and hugs in their life. I got the benefit of the affection that everyone goes for. Reporter: But while samuels has her fans, she also has her critics. Some have called what she does prostitution. Her controversial business got this single mom kicked out of graduate school. Some said what you're doing is akin to prostitution? It's so obvious to me it has nothing to do with prostitution. Nobody's being degraded. We're not breaking any laws. But the law of nature, at the end of the da every human needs love. So interesting to watch the reactions on the set. Look at ron claiborne. That says it all. That says it all. All right, coming up here on

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{"id":19060466,"title":"Cuddling Professional Criticized for Business","duration":"2:54","description":"A woman sells snuggle time to complete strangers.","url":"/GMA/video/cuddling-professional-criticized-business-19060466","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}