Watch Adorable Kittens Play in Perfect Unison

Seven seemingly identical kittens play with owner in mesmerizing unison.
1:37 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Watch Adorable Kittens Play in Perfect Unison
When I got my serious journalists had now let's switch gears. To talk about my favorite topic. Students we have seven kittens -- lined up for a photo shoot and ended up making an adorable -- Florence sales. Top reader at that crystal maintenance batteries in Quebec waved an object in front of the kittens while they were for a -- -- at -- photo ever recorded it. I don't know how she got them lined up that is actually amazing. -- the saying goes a bit cat like reflexes ship and moving in perfect unison and trying to that the object were their -- That is unbelievably cute I can put that -- The -- -- my computer and never leave. You really do love -- I love that I love all animals and I think after the nature's perfectly designed killing machines -- And tell -- -- awesome -- -- -- -- -- I tell you guys is in have a major fans an advocate -- -- -- society of New York I think I'm adopting another dog. Norway that Terri has passed him her -- yeah -- for -- -- -- -- OK I sort of get like kids. Once you have more than 200. Nothing Lara Spencer -- it hasn't been in this case you can we have online -- -- these these guys there's so many cats and doesn't need green homes. And that led -- and down and might eat out documenting the impact scam in nature right absolutely denied her -- -- I think it's fantastic you're doing your kids grow -- love -- I -- And it's like a minivan and next -- -- patty -- want to encourage everybody to rescue team work and we've been preliminarily. Had -- -- is good news might come.

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{"id":24484821,"title":"Watch Adorable Kittens Play in Perfect Unison","duration":"1:37","description":"Seven seemingly identical kittens play with owner in mesmerizing unison. ","url":"/GMA/video/cute-kitten-video-cats-play-unison-24484821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}