Dad Hacks Donkey Kong to Make Woman Hero for Daughter

A video developer's daughter wanted to play as the female character in the original arcade game.
4:32 | 03/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dad Hacks Donkey Kong to Make Woman Hero for Daughter
Very important part of -- -- dad who hacked Donkey Kong yet -- this had love this story about the way I just found out about it in the same time that Andrew is prepping for this just before that shell had heard that before. But up by the way. -- dad. Who hacked into the -- con game for his daughter. Now what about my job -- right in the normal. It's a video game developer and then when he introduced his three year old daughter. Ellis to the Nintendo game Donkey Kong she loved it. Except for one thing she wanted to play a female character. Mario. To rescue hauling in a damsel in distress. I didn't work -- -- -- you know she she wanted someone else to rescue Mike stayed up all night getting into the game so she -- -- Pauline. And -- Mario -- and why not -- -- don't men. Fat. The morning gave the final product -- to join -- on sky right now but this incredible story from the Bay Area and California with more on this -- -- Good morning or gracious good -- to use our how are you. Good morning it's up pretty early out here and the -- -- -- game developers are used to this. Yeah I now that's the job we should all at a -- just just tell me what time you generally I don't know roll out of bed in the morning. Well you know and I think most of us -- we -- late nineties and get out around noon. Yeah and I love that all right let's get back to this story so this is great -- dad who -- daughter frustrated. You know she wants to rescue when -- want to do well -- the rescue why can't she went out tell me what you did. Plus we're simply playing the game and I'm when -- pointed to who she wanted to play. I realized at that moment there's a lot of things -- like your kids ask you scored better on impossible -- him deliver but this does what I do my day. I stuck my head -- like I could probably do this -- Obviously -- scared you -- -- -- -- -- did you know how to do best I'm just curious because I'm not a game developer how easy are definitely vets today optional. It's pretty tough things -- done going back to it -- like peeking over somebody else's work. So you have kind of interpret where things are yet swapping rounds I was like -- it's it's kind of like that picture. That that woman painted over on the church of Jesus Christ yeah. -- remember -- are like that and Ziggy. You'll ever ask him a very popular -- Her reaction when she side. You know blows units was just like I managed to find a way to turn on the character for her but she was -- I did when when the accelerated. In the game -- -- and -- -- -- -- after being hit big. I love that I like you're here you win for best -- -- had a Father's Day breakfast you would win and I would. Want to ask you now if if this catches on -- I I think it should I mean aren't you in line for some kind of royalty deal here I -- -- what are what are -- going -- -- -- there -- -- that. You work out -- you. -- -- Nintendo I would rather I not. All right all right what we love having you on the -- Phillies -- -- I would -- Nintendo would put out with him because he's got he's the one. Yeah. -- opportunity -- do not talk about this all the time and that you know it. Yet he's thrown bottles are really important to little kids have meaning you -- this is something action was anything Sheryl Sandberg about. For her -- -- -- and she said girls are taught we have these T shirts he's one -- account that they yeah I'm pretty like mommy and I'm Smart like daddy. Mean these kinds of sort of shaking. Experiences start with these kids when they're really little it has -- -- -- As the way they've been for a hundred years they shouldn't be our kids should be able to play as they wanna play who they want to play as we should be changed in these things right now you have a -- but eighties flashback let's do it we want your favorite eighties video game donkey Kong's oldest Hubert -- whatever has -- I -- pole position we had that in the dormitory. And why you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love that little punch out came the knock out boxing is something but that's about it I had them. Now I had rock them sock them robot yeah. We didn't have that there were no computers they were now we had to walk a mile. The one where you would have picked tennis thing you know -- food Bob Bob yeah I loved that one my brother and I played that -- like. -- -- off the -- he played squash is there area lot faster bat after -- -- we had an air hockey we have the real stuff we haven't got digital.

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{"id":18728242,"title":"Dad Hacks Donkey Kong to Make Woman Hero for Daughter","duration":"4:32","description":"A video developer's daughter wanted to play as the female character in the original arcade game.","url":"/GMA/video/dad-hacks-donkey-kong-make-woman-hero-daughter-18728242","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}