The Dalai Lama's Secret to Happiness in 140 Characters

His Holiness sums up his life's philosophy and why he might be the last Dalai Lama ever.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Dalai Lama's Secret to Happiness in 140 Characters
Hello welcome to politics confidential I'm Jonathan Karl and extremely -- right now to be joined by his holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama Tibet's. Sir thank you for joining us. Here on Twitter at did you actually do when he -- -- weeks none of the Dali Lama Twitter account know sort of beaten there unless -- until some of the beaten. As of today and my finger event that is -- it couldn't meet old machines. Exclude I letting that -- so let's listen -- too much more about Morton lesion. Melt old so one date I -- -- -- message from foreign countries and India. So -- cities abroad that's malvo full of -- is -- -- -- -- and I just want. I'm content and -- laughing say witnesses to look. -- -- This puts you -- like eight million followers on this Twitter accounts I have to ask you what is the key to happiness. In -- 140 characters. Oh. Well history been to a young. That month. Surely showed us. Fiction. -- Tremendous. -- Satisfaction. So sure other. More efficient. Social consent. If possible had been bad -- this also happens. Too much self centered attitude. -- civilians. -- see. Isolation. -- -- -- -- And date its teams have centered attitude is -- -- all something. More compassionate mind or sense of -- others are being it's also happens. You of course. Really upset the Chinese. The Chinese called you a wolf in sheep's clothing and doesn't look like sheep's clothing what what they seem so threatened by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- at the -- of the uncertainty it at the Sobel patients. Hotline. I think the first today. Although -- ignorance. -- -- -- sometimes is a totalitarian system. Everything it's almost like mission. Individual. -- -- -- A -- two years -- this is under Chinese. Thesis is just cut me as a demon. Team in the world and then uses some report to us me wasn't my comment yet and I visited this book. Respond yes I'm demon -- whole. They've -- You're still young man. But you don't see what I'm thinking about the next dollar both of the -- Yes. And and the Chinese have made it clear that it. -- -- going to try to choose the next hour long -- cannot happen. -- -- -- -- My own position Davidian solution of that -- law should continue on not of the Tibetan people. So in case Minnesota -- -- people to veterans. Feet. It was an institution and -- -- president then ornament to -- seats. Aren't happy sometimes activities expressing. Date I'd seen at least I think six and seize. The history of Donovan decision not and it -- President and liked it. Go out of Michael Jordan died a year -- career so if there is to be another dollar long. I saw you not long ago suggests it we could have a woman has done wrong. -- never have been possible. -- just circumstances. Is such defeat meant -- can be more useful data should be enveloped. Decent in Tibetan tradition. Some -- important -- the nation institution. Or fined. Him so what -- and you. -- -- that biologically. More sensitive about the self. Insuring one -- someone. So. Something immensely. One few -- -- me and and and is -- this -- payments must. What stresses you out you mystique you ever get stressed out -- get frustrated. No. Never I -- -- loses next. Traffic jam on the way from the airport you don't get you know some lenses of -- -- 010 duties quote delighted that tragedy. Justices. Takes certain things all budgeted -- that no problem. Some witnesses there lives to education cups. So we get irritation sometimes one lead -- I'll interview that -- -- me what you want -- -- -- And then I'd go -- No I'm but this month the destruction should not look like these things. That big an issue possibly seeing Chris. Then -- on some sanity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I lost my -- your doctor I would like. That. OK before you go about what lasting a lot of people wanted to ask you a whole generation of moviegoers in America. -- -- movie caddy shack. Stemming railway were today. Tourtelot approaching. That we think again. It's Dolly. Lamb and twelve cent of them flowing -- increase. Followed. Very. Few of replete golf. Booklet. -- even our lovely yellow. That I was in China but. Peaking -- 92 to -- -- do -- fight. I. At one time -- team. People -- Promised excellent via ha I offended if it is I -- -- -- blows his and the lovely. Some injuries got so I -- I knew I can mean so I didn't meet him. Well I'll tell you autopsy very famous -- -- -- you are great golfer but not a very good tipper. And I say hey and a fake an abundance -- -- you know. Pretty effort you know pages Noah won't be any money. When you've -- it. On your -- that. -- -- -- Total consciousness. So -- -- that point. Which is not. -- in this Saint Louis Joliet right -- -- -- you and that's it for politics confidential for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm Jonathan Karl. Check us again next time.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"His Holiness sums up his life's philosophy and why he might be the last Dalai Lama ever.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22621871","title":"The Dalai Lama's Secret to Happiness in 140 Characters","url":"/GMA/video/dalai-lamas-secret-happiness-140-characters-22621871"}