Dan Harris on the 'Superpower' of Meditation

Nightline co-anchor discusses his new book and how he found happiness.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for Dan Harris on the 'Superpower' of Meditation
I was so moved by that peace and I knew I talked about -- -- in our personal lives about that moment when he had a panic attack. Would you watch it -- I just felt -- as a journalist as -- on TV the pressure sometimes can be so great. But -- to how to sort of unravel. On the air but thank goodness that you were able to take I mean it's the ultimate turning lemons into lemonade isn't. Yeah I mean it's -- I thought a lot about -- to tell the story in a lot of people even surprised that I -- that I -- in the book not only but -- -- but a lot of other things hand. To me it just seems like meditation is such a bad PR from people think it's only. For weirdos -- hippies or if you are a little weird. And -- yeah. John -- Thank you -- I -- don't listen to the person we're bat and wears bathrooms on that. Founder yeah yeah it really -- I'm and I remember you telling me I'm I want to try. She's -- -- -- -- you viewers you are saying we. Here to be surprised how hard it is yet it is that it is the mental exercise -- and I can do it from very limited periods it's like. How I don't know how you do have yeah. Say you don't it's like holding a live -- in your hands and we did our minds are crazy that point is not to stop taking the point is to start over again. If you can just catch yourself and start over that's the whole game is it hard to go to the gym yes you're doing it right same thing -- and. That's in the years of ice and meditations going to be like the next technical and it's getting out of that the invention that takes us that's going to annual Houston -- -- -- but he also said one thing about -- -- your mind is not that you have to. If -- -- -- to slow down you just have to have enough pause to see it. Yeah -- let it go without react. You know what happens there is standing in your regular life you know when you're driving down the street is -- cut you off you have this thought. I'm angry right and then immediately you inhabit that -- can become angry but meditation you noticed getting angry. Do I really need to be. And that as a superpower. -- -- -- anytime you lose your temper and regret it later yeah hopefully you and the spring when you're not hungry or send email that is supposed to be listening to other people like ginger doesn't thousands of. All white lights can only making 10% happier and as you seem like one of the center and wonderful happy people -- -- an adorable it's a big time NG. The reason why I want to say -- and -- -- I spent a lot of time -- self help groups. And they promise and I think -- -- very destructive way that they can solve all of your problems. And I think this is. -- program to say you can do something. That is scientifically tested it will have a good return on investment and there's not going to be you know make you taller regret your hair fixed so you don't know -- -- -- lottery things that are at. Sandra site -- yeah Harris of CNN -- It is the way to delay in the forecast -- -- same thing and never -- never be upset. So it really hits seventy but to forget but what are some of the things that people who were watching them they might as you said have that stereotype or that it had a negative connotation with. Meditation what are some things that you think he can help went in terms of I guess anger but what else can can people gathered from this problem that they're saying -- -- -- -- that's not. A man of -- -- -- -- short list of the things that meditation and shut the -- Focus blood pressure immune system. Psoriasis. Irritable bowel syndrome your brain metabolism and as it's been shown to rewire key parts of the brain. Literally grow in the gray matter in the in the parts that have to do with self awareness of compassion and shrinking it where it has due to stress wow that -- -- -- Also didn't say yeah yeah 81 cent at city it immediately positive problem nation here but I meditating for -- -- here -- and as my life -- of their blood tests. I still -- -- cookies. And it did you -- did you see -- from the yeah by the way am I haggard infringing colleges he knows the game being on -- -- an elite so it's not paying off -- We're glad that -- that isn't Blair's message not -- yeah you know you and you know. Another -- Yeah. If I didn't isn't so that the dignified sent me. Cigna we don't know and so -- question on the town leaders and happier and -- Do -- -- you answer a question from humorous to definitely yeah I think it -- oldest daughter and we yeah you look like killing pull it. They did you do Ali I -- yeah that would -- did is -- -- turn. And SA well. The first couple years me on TV looked like you and economic justice yeah no -- -- can't attack in Chattanooga you know for sure what is your fever congregants -- writing. The experience a little embarrassing minutes hanging -- my life watching TV time. Yeah. My words not bad looking -- Mary -- but she's. -- -- -- -- Yeah. And being married. Yes I'm tired doctor wife yeah I -- doctor animal has always important we're OK we need to know one -- he might -- your -- -- like any -- -- Yeah. Those idiots we have been making fun of me for like -- cats. I think castle make you 5000%. Happier but you know that but I think until over yeah. I think -- pat Randi. Immediately discovered that -- pats have a lot of medicinal they Dahlia and. And it's worth saying this is a little plug for days BCA doesn't really united -- well we all believe in strongly there are millions of animals and impose on every year because they have a good home sales but -- Yeah seven. His evenings you ask me -- I'm Linda let me clarify yes -- -- excellent candidate that -- -- It is not my hand and not my Cat Stevens what is my prayers are -- testing and I mean in Miami that we're tracking Eyewitness News. Just let me just go back I love him. Dear prudence by The Beatles -- -- beautiful eight finalists the. All right guys thank you so much for your questions here at social square thank you -- parents are helping us all become. 10% happy I think I must read. Congratulations. We regularly have one thing. Yeah. Now we -- backyard -- never -- it is yeah I wish you can do like how to meditations that we can do that and -- bring me back LT -- and it. Thirty seconds it's so simple RA -- -- parents and entities next gen Iraq.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nightline co-anchor discusses his new book and how he found happiness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22861100","title":"Dan Harris on the 'Superpower' of Meditation","url":"/GMA/video/dan-harris-panic-attack-anchors-book-10-percent-22861100"}