'DWTS' Finalists Quizzed on Partner Trivia

Melissa Rycroft, Kelly Monaco and Shawn Johnson are put to test in "Two to Tango."
7:05 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Finalists Quizzed on Partner Trivia
More of our "dancing with the stars" after-party. The finalists have shared more than ten weeks of blood, sweat and tears, perfecting their fancy footwork. We want to see how much they learned about each other off the dance floor on this season of "dancing with the stars." Sam? We are playing a little game we like to call "two to tango." We'll ask each of you a question about your partner, to find out how well you know your partner. Your partners previously answered that question. They will flip over the card. And we'll see who is right. Ready to play? Sure. What do you think about the skinny mic? It's great. Are you ready to play "two to tango"? Tony and melissa are up first. To tony, we asked of melissa, what was the scariest dance you worked on this season? That's easy. Fusion. Right? No. Freestyle lift. Tony. We were on eight feet of pedestals. And I was upside down on your head. You're right. You're right. And we have video of it right now. Apparently, we do, jo oh. There was nothing safe about practicing that. Tlooked scary to me. Next question goes to derek. Derek, we asked shawn, what t her do you make fun of the most? I'd say -- her stature. Her height? Shawn, he's got six words. Hey. That is correct. I know you, shawn. I know you. What are some of the words you would use to not say she's short. Shotty. Li'l bit. Munchkin. Everybody's calling them out. I know. I get short jokes like no other on this show. The first one were -- he claims that -- shawn? Oh. Yeah. Or he'd say, we can't do that move because you're just too short. Oh. That sounds mean. I'm sorry. We only have one olympian in the house. And she's shawn. You also have the lead. Okay, val. Yes. What does kelly say she loves most about you? What does she say she loves most about you? Knowing kelly, it's probably my amazing personality. It was close. Judges? Judges? Yes. That's correct. Yes, yes. Good job. Are there a couple of things tht make the list? A coup more things? That I love most about val? Yeah. Well, val, I don't know if I'm talking to valentino or val right now. You have to be clear. There's two separate individuals. Please, share. Valentin was my dance instructor. And I can tell you things i don't love about him. Val, there are many things that I love about him. And I'll keep it with the sense of humor. All right. Tony and melissa, you have work to do. Melissa? Yeah. What costume would you say that tony was most embarrassed to bear? This season? You were embarrass this season? Not the mesh from season eight? They didn't ask season eight. We were trying to keep it to one season. Was it the caveman? Was it because they gave you a mullet? Let's let this sink in. We have some time to fill. Let's just let it stay there. I had -- that's amazing. Look at the evolution of man right there. So much difference. I'm not quite sure. That was a 10,000 b.C. Yes. All right. We have to break this tie. Here we go. Shawn? Derek's guilty pleasure of food is what? Guilty pleasure food is what? I'll give you a little hint. Wait, wait. Nope. Guilty pleasure food? Sounds like -- we've only got a few minutes. Go. I can't -- what? Oh. Oh. That was a hint. Judges? Judges? No. Breaking the rules, again. What is it? I didn't even hear it. Always breaking the rules. What is it? PEANUT M&Ms OR NACHOS. Kelly, where is the craziest place you rehearsed a routine? Well, you're getting a little personal now. The craziest place we rehearsed a routine? Oh. You have to say -- four hours a day. You have to rehearse when you can. Get ready for the show. In a diner? No. Probably the pool. Okay. Oh. We have a winner. We have a winner. But I do want, very quickly, we have a message for shawn. Okay? Very quickly. Hi, shawn. We are so proud of you. We knew you'd make it this far. N't wait to get back on the balance beam with you. We all love you. Oh. There you go. You're not short. You're not short. You guys win. Kelly and val are the winners. And they still won the mirrorball. Congratulations to you. In some way, everybody's a winner. What did we win? A hug from josh and lara and me. A lot of love. Love from the "gma" team. It's a lot of love. Thank you for playing "two to

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{"id":17826135,"title":"'DWTS' Finalists Quizzed on Partner Trivia","duration":"7:05","description":"Melissa Rycroft, Kelly Monaco and Shawn Johnson are put to test in \"Two to Tango.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-finale-melissa-rycroft-shawn-johnson-kelly-17826135","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}