Wynonna Judd Terrified About 'DWTS'

Country music singer joins her dance partner for a surprise visit to "GMA."
5:35 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Wynonna Judd Terrified About 'DWTS'
Now to the topic tangoing our "gma" heat index. The own is on for "dancing with the stars'" big premiere and a couple sure to be very popular with the audience here with us now from the new cast get ready to welcome wynonna judd and tony dovolani. Come on out! oh, yeah. Wow. Hello. So good to see you, wynonna. I don't want to let you. Go the reigning champ. Please have a seat. Oh. I have to be very -- ou have been rehearsing. Tony, he brings the heat. We like to work hard. He brings the band yads. Time after time -- I think it's like six seasons they've been asking you -- sorry. They've been asking you to be on "dancing with the stars" and you politely say huh-uh. I didn't politely say no. I said heck no and I just wasn't ready and a woman, when she's ready, she's ready and this is the year that doing things I'm not comfortable with. You've been through so much. I think about you every day by the way and I think this is the year for me to show everyone out there about your -- outside your comfort zone. Either brain surgery, skydiving or dancing. We're still doing skydiving. A little bit of everything. You always have been so good with your fans encouraging them to challenge themselves so it's great to see that you're taking some time for yourself because also we have a documentary that's coming out with your dear husband. I mean the motorcycle accident that he was in, you went from being, what, a bride to a nurse just like that. I became a caretaker and a caregiver. Yeah. And I literally took myself off the list and tony has established these wonderful boundaries like he says no tweeting after 9:00 p.M. Go to bed at 10:00, drink lots of water. We practice four hours a day. This is my turn, and I'm so supported that I feel so grateful because I have a chance to -- you know all these tweeters are saying respect you scared? Of course, I'm terrified to be on national television and never having danced before. There's that. And live. But you know at least I'm trying. That's it. That's it. And I'm doing it. You're in great hands right here. Oh, yeah. The reigning champ. He keeps saying I'm the teacher. You're the student. Yeah. He is a great teacher. All of the dancers are. You all already look like you're having fun. We've seen the pictures. The cowboy, yes, I was -- in chap. What was more special about that her husband cactus was the first time he got back on a horse and so it was a very special moment for wynonna and her husband and I was a part of that. It was all about your chaps and all your glory. Ell me I could wear jeans underneath. Oops. Morning show, tony. You converted your garage into a dance studio there in nashville. Absolutely. We deploy in 24 hours. Whatever you need a judd to do, just tell us. You know how strong we are. Yes, I do. And we'remined and i thought, you know what and he's taught me so brilliantly just give me 100% of what you got rather than 80% of perfection. Okay, don't show the first one. I've done so much better since then. You have. Oh, my gosh. Do you have a favorite dance already. The tango. So romantic. Rrr! I'm very passionate. The hospitality that, you know, wynonna and her husband have shown towards me is amazing. I encourage everybody -- the country music fans love him. It's irritating. I don't get the attention anymore. It's like oh, tony. I don't believe that. Didn't I see you all singing, a clip or something. An audience, I started singing, the whole audience leaves. But you also got -- kirstie alley has given you great advice. She's become my sister/mentor and become very helpful. Let's just say this is the hardest thing I've ever done as you know life challenges you in a way sometimes you have no idea but you know what I'm going to do the best I can and my best is good enough. I don't have to be the best dancer. I'm a singer, right? So I can enjoy myself and he's going to lead and I'm going to follow. I've never done that before in my life. Sometimes the other way around. Who knows. What? You're already a fan favorite. You just -- you bring -- a fan favorite. With your personality and your desire and we can't wait to see you both out there. Thank you for -- you know, this is supposed to be a secret and you were tweeting. Get her off twitter. 9:00. He can't do that. 9:00. Supposed to be a secret but now -- we were supposed to be a secret so on "gma" but you tweeted about it. No one told you. This is what we can expect on "dancing with the stars" beginning on monday. Tony, great to see you. Great to see you. Give my love to your mom and your sister who could be senator judd one day. I have no idea what's going on in nye family. I'm the last to know. Too busy dancing and having the time of my life so we'll see. You go for it. And they'llere the first night. There you have it. See the girl doing this. We'll watch the premiere of

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{"id":18717965,"title":"Wynonna Judd Terrified About 'DWTS'","duration":"5:35","description":"Country music singer joins her dance partner for a surprise visit to \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-16-premiere-wynonna-judd-tony-18717965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}