Fans Give Stranded Dave Matthews Ride to Concert

The singer was stranded while bike-riding when Emily Kraus and Joe Proffitt came to his rescue.
4:07 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for Fans Give Stranded Dave Matthews Ride to Concert
the rock star rescue. Two good samaritans on the way to a dave matthews concert, saw a biker stranded and stopped to help. They couldn't believe who it was. We're going to talk to them live in just a moment. But here is their story. Dave matthews fans emily krauss and her boyfriend were on their way to see their favorite singer in hershey, pennsylvania, on saturday. When they came across a stranded cyclist on a rural road. We saw him on the other side of the road. He picks his bike up and throws it up there. Reporter: It was only then that they noticed the stalled biker was the fan they were racing to see. I got a flat tire on the BICYCLE. Reporter: So, it turns out the multi-platinum selling artist and grammy winner was out for a ride to relax. When his tire went flat. Rolled up in a red car with the bicycle on it. They gave me a ride home. Thank you. Reporter: Not only did matthews invite the couple to dinner, but he brought them backstage and upgraded them to front row seats. Even signing their tickets, thanks for the ride. So, the couple that gave dave matthews a lift to the show, joe, emily. Welcome to "good morning america." This is one of the stories you find hard to believe. But it's totally true. And it's all about timing. Right, joe? Yeah. We were running a bit late, on my behalf. It was all about timing. You're on your way to the concert. Emily, you're like, joe, come on. Stop dilley dallying. We have to get there. You decide to take a different route to the stadium. A back road. And if it hadn't been that moment on that back road, would never have happened. It was you, joe, who spotted -- I said, make a left here. We're going down the road. And she is driving. I'm in the passenger seat. And I'm looking out the window. And I see people and a guy on a mountain bike. I look over. Looks familiar. That's dave. We were just talking before -- how close to concert time is this? A couple of hours. 3:30. Concert started around 7:30. Did you believe him when he -- I was like, no. He's like, I'm serious. Turn around. I said okay. I turned around in the middle of the road. And I go back. And we pull up right next to him. And I open my window. Dave? And he is like. Yeah. Pull in over there. And so, I did. And -- you're sitting in the car with him. Yeah. Put the bike on his rack. What do you talk about with dave matthews? We asked him where he had just come from and what, you know, how long he was touring for the summer. And what his plans were. And we asked him if he had ever been to hershey park, hershey amusement park is in hershey. Small talk. Not freaking out. Exactly. You said he was pretty great. It didn't end there. Not only is he singing about you in the concert, but he really took care of you. He did. Tell everybody about that. It was incredible. We were sitting to tailgate after all was said and done. And my phone rings. And it was somebody from the dave matthews band. We would love you to come back and have dinner tonight with the band. Unbelievable. And hang out backstage for a little bit. We did that. We ate dinner in the lounge. And went backstage for a little while. Your friends are like, are you kidding me? You get a call from the band? So, he wrote on your tickets, thanks for the ride. Where are those tickets? Are they in a special place? They're -- they will always be. They're going to be framed and everything. And hung on the wall. Rock star dreams you have. It's true. Dave matthews, truly is the nicest guy in rock 'n' roll. Thank you for the story. We thank you.

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{"id":19677390,"title":"Fans Give Stranded Dave Matthews Ride to Concert","duration":"4:07","description":"The singer was stranded while bike-riding when Emily Kraus and Joe Proffitt came to his rescue.","url":"/GMA/video/dave-matthews-ride-concert-fans-stranded-singer-19677390","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}