David Blaine Performs Magic Tricks on 'GMA'

Magician David Blaine brings some of his tricks to the "GMA" studios in Times Square.
3:46 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for David Blaine Performs Magic Tricks on 'GMA'
you out of this because I'll bring somebody who is going to show us all of the illusion. You know who I'm bringing to the table, the one and only David Blaine, everybody. Come on out, David. Hi, David. Good to see you. How are you doing? Looking good. How are you doing, man? How are you doing? David, you got some -- How are you doing. You got a special on ABC tonight. Tonight. Tell us all about it, man. I worked two years on it and I think it's -- I think it's the most interesting one that I've done because it's not just magic tricks, per se, it's kind of a documentary that goes into the secrets behind how I actually work an tricks. I had a chance to actually see it and it is amazing. I got to say I think some of the stuff you're doing is just blows your mind because why would you want to do it. You have good reasons for diving so deep into these tricks but you tricked a lot of stars. Who was the most surprised. Man, they're so good in so many way, it's hard to isolate one. I picked all my favorite people and was lucky to be able to just jazz out with them. By the way, I brought you these special ABC decks of cards. Right. Thank you. Since you brought cards we can't let you go without doing one. I agree. But wait, can everybody stand up except for Michael because you'll make us look short. Everybody else, can you all stand up? So, Michael -- but, Michael, you know how to shuffle, correct. Yes, sir. Can you shuffle the deck a couple of times and examine it, make sure it's okay. Can I use your card? Absolutely. Can I write on the back of it. Absolutely. So I'll write some words down while Michael shuffles so you see I write esp. What does that mean to you. Extra -- Sidekick, whatever, right and I'll write vip. What does that -- Very important person. Peffer pect. Then I'll do now like this, n-o-w. Now. Can you hold this for me? Now, Michael, you shuffled the cards. Can you spread them face up so she can see them -- face up, face up. Yeah, great. Good so we can see all of them. So, spread them out. Here's what I want to you do perfect. Put your finger at the top of the deck like this and I want you to slowly move across the cards but you're not thinking about a card specific just slowly move across the deck and yeah slow down as you go and keep slowly moving across, good, keep moving across and then you're basically going to stop anywhere so wherever want, just stop. You're stopping? Lower your finger -- so you stopped on what card, three. 3 of dimes. Push it forward so you could have stopped anywhere but you chose to stop on the three of dimes. Do you know why you stopped on this card. I don't know. I'll tell you why because of that. Subconsciously your brain read that differently. Can you turn it so we can read it this way. Flip it this way. What does it say. Like this, what does it say, read it. 3 diamonds. See that, hold on. Oh, man. I'm saying subconsciously your brain processed it but you weren't aware -- You chose to stop there. Oh, my god. You know that is subconsciously. Consciously we'll watch your

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Magician David Blaine brings some of his tricks to the \"GMA\" studios in Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43535421","title":"David Blaine Performs Magic Tricks on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/david-blaine-performs-magic-tricks-gma-43535421"}